Now I am told that what I am really talking about and raising a case for is actually a matter of me complaining about hoodlums and low lives because I cannot handle it, which is utter nonsense – the truth is that I know its all hoodlums and low lives for the abuses are so intense that I needed to ensure its need to liaise with Celebrities and handle my person and career in the process was placed at a limit. So all it is doing is setting the stage for the next part of what people will complain of with respect to my person, due to a history that resulted from renting a space from a white person and so I have worked it as a matter of how it begins right from day one of moving in that I am sore all over, watching me to take up my time with abuses continues and I am now too tired to look after the place, so they have got a reason and are showing it to Celebrities and media too.

They do blab that it is all about money the same way the ethnic minority gits cannot keep their hands to themselves when they have contrived my career to add up to a service for civil rights that I have been trapped in with a big mouth, meaning I have gone from a character that is vulnerable to tribalism to a character that people tackle to show their credentials when it comes to helping fools in Government buildings on matters with regards to those who dare to have what they have not tasted. The Money bit is what it is about since it is clear if I want to run a Bookshop they needed to have a way that I will be serving their financial needs through it and it has now developed into something serious, where the Politicians are made to see when my career becomes the same thing as what parliament does, parliament needs to do the job properly and the insults are set to get worse – whereby their case would not have been a normal murder like everybody else’s if it could be regarded as an assassination, while the rest have realised that the limit the law sets on how they may handle my person and property can be frustrating when I am older than they are, more hard working, achieve more and the plan to work financial repression at me had failed so woefully, they now have no other option but to perform direct damage on my Books every day, which is how their bits have gotten serious too.

It’s a old story where we reached that stage whereby a combination of insults, a supporting crowd and a sense that I am a clingy character who thinks he can take back careers that had been taken from him while their idiocy believed their own lies, have meant a trickle of reasons my private equity intellectual property administration business should cease to exist. The managers that were employed by the companies were characters who were even told at some stage that I am a small thing the business owner picked up on the streets to play with which is good for the business but it wouldn’t do, until there was a response on my part for the fact the only way they can push company profits was their friendship with hoodlums to wreck peoples careers and tackle women and it made them more important than state operatives until it blew up. The football players have now gone from gimmicks about having access to me and how buying expensive cars had to get more respect from me and customised versions derived to detach me from my work and serve them with it until they were topped up enough to feel that I was fighting to prevent the demise of my assets if it had not been taken – something they get accustomed to because of the size of their ego and those gimmicks about being better off if push came to shove. The most recent gimmick about my Company interfering with them is brought up by special talent gits and those have a crowd and a reason to be blinded to the plight I will be left to when such gimmicks are put up at my expense naturally, showing that as long as they are all certain they will take home their pay without interference on my part, this matter will never be brought under control.

The rest are just Celebrities and I want this business of all that good Celebrity culture I provided equity for, to be dead and buried, I want it completely forgotten and replaced by the ones they had invented to forge alliances with criminals and attack me, since the one that supported younger people with respect to the way organised crime affected them was so bad having hurt their friends to such an extent, I had to be punished for over a decade for it. The rest of the time, they do say I am a coward naturally and death does come to us all in any case, hopefully when it comes to them, it will occur when they are beaten up like the idiots they are too.

They say they have been fighting my battles and its utter rubbish – I know how I run my concerns and am very well aware they have not been fighting anything and need keep the mouth shut; its what they do to churn my tummy in this place i.e. get involved with white boys that deal with their abusive nonsense by tackling them violently and build a community that will abuse me, to claim I do perform violence on people because I did not have the money to pay for it and will end up in prison instead and this is how they build up this state of affairs about my diet, my loo and what I do when I step outside of my door which they controlled in order to do with me and my concerns as they please. They do bring up the other case where The Queen has had to defend me as well and this is true but it had to be prevented since it was largely a matter of people with ideas about how the British Government are a bunch of hypocritical gits when it came to racism but mostly I know how I run my concerns and what people do is largely a matter of picking it up to fight their corner at some point not fighting my battles which is insane.

I do get told most of these issues are created by the USA and yes they are – it’s a matter of somebody getting a Royal Commission and Liberal USA having decided that should it be given up to them, it will help them deal with cases whereby they have been disposed from their Heritage, as stupidly as possible and we see the same story anywhere they had set foot on; the family and friends are consumed like an item over country ownership gimmicks and now they are looking to the outside world and thus found me; hence have we ended up with this situation whereby I am not vulnerable to City centre abuses and repression, I am not vulnerable to society trouble makers or Celebrities but I am to them and the fact they are parasites, so we find that they had decided even the Police will not be able to protect me from them as they savage my career to make money and point me towards those who grabbed their careers, such people who were really their size and not mine in the first place, outcome being Police Officers commit crimes and they get hurt, then the protests are staged to upstage me.

Their story grows into one of the repression and racism that I support and its an old case like the history they have with the British whereby the British have done things to them which cannot be resolved to this day; its as though once you had stated you d not want a thing done, it became their main preoccupation and the happiness of the absence of consequences results in narcissism that develops into short statements of abuse and derogatory behaviour that make part of the appeal of anything they wanted to sell at the market. In my case it has always used racism to build the sense that we are one big happy ethnic minority family that its stupidities rule, its culture is about getting imagination up my bum and I am made to understand clearly that if I did the same, I would be lucky is I were alive thereafter and this is the confusion since this is not what my own culture looks like, in fact it’s the opposite, no bum fingering as people do get killed for it, we see it everywhere on matters of civility to mean that they can violate people and not violated because that would lead to a bigger thing and we have not been able to explain at any stage the reasons the idiots needed such a social life or state of affairs. So the truth of it is usually best explained in terms of the Hermits environment which I have been exposed to often i.e. it does this all the time to claim it’s a victim and that if it does not the racists will do it instead, so we find it run it off to tackle Church people perpetually and soon after it will be found tackling family men, beyond this, it has created similarities between white family men and some people in the middle east who have lighter skin than most of the people who live there, called Jews and it will leave it to the racists from here, claiming that because it is poor, life is as difficult as though it was the end of the world and according to the Bible during the end of the world, God will restore the glory of Israel, then when it goes off to get killed since it’s a bit too much for me, it turns out that when it tired up upstage me during protests and I prevented it, I was doing Gods will too.

They do say that we like to select another route for handling these matters while most of it are caused by Americans and yes they are but the USA has a very complex politics and we can see that even the mess of the Obama era is still producing outcomes where American Germans and American Italians of the most notorious, are out there running off a global stage tribalism in a bid to get their people into the White House too. That said the issues are still that of hooligans allied to the Republican party destroying the natural environment of which nothing is done about it and these Liberal goons running off their madness to secure money and leverage as such eventuality where being found under a million pound car wiring it for a living does not appeal, what appeals being a process of hanging around somewhere exhibiting themselves on the public image of an arch prince to get rich on wealth and social inequality. So we find the Celebrities are at the heart of this issuing threats at me with their processes of never following procedure for getting involved with my Business in order to hang around somewhere pleasing crowds at my expense to grow fan base, allied to another group of gits who are always chasing profits for them at other peoples expense, as though they were living on food banks in Hollywood and those show business products they were never party to creating earning them millions of pounds while the very process of merchandising it would flush my life down the loo and we find that their production environment never really contained more than 20 persons but their actions are as far reaching in its destruction because it is supported by Politicians. So they say I talk but I have been involved with them which is the reason they are such a problem, the wrong prognosis naturally as the reason they are such a problem is that Politicians have decided to settle their matter between culture and society gits like the goons I have mentioned above for them and a case where we know show business to be an arena for Celebrities to forge alliances with quasi criminals because these twats get imagination up their bum the way they pillage peoples finances, has become a case which the Government must take way beyond the business of looking after state publicity and letting Celebrities ally with it because of their history of campaigning against bullying, into something so serious that whilst they claim I deserved to suffer and end up in an environment reserved for those who think about and commit crimes due to the effects of ethnic minority abuses because of the little crimes I got away with, they have not yet worked out why the goons are always learning how their jobs work at Parliament.

There is as such this question raised about my data, where there is a lot of it and all of it is valuable but there is nothing to worry about; I broker equities with Multinational Companies and the Equities serve to provide them confidence with respect to an understanding we have a Trust system where they developed the equity property into Assets that are kept in a vault and handled as a trust system that we shared. I mean I would never know why people think it would be amusing to see me get into a fight constantly over my assets anyway, the way that Liberal society and its immoral American friends think I am not making progress but will so start picking the scissors to their incomes as well if the need to pick up public interest and client interest trends from my Bookshop to run off as stupidities that make them feel whole and healthy on media does not come to a dead stop. I don’t know why people think about proliferating my data anyway; I have stated on the websites that the data run between 2005 and 2019, so I guess it’s a statement which suggests that since I have not said anything about 2020, that was ripe for the picking, whereas reality is that during the first week of 2021, I will audit this as well and they will end up with a global stage complain about me and a big mouth to back it up. What I gain however is the business of their stupidities performing all sorts of nonsense at my expense to such an extent that if I set about ripping their Celebrity culture, I should be certain to justify it because I am likely to scheme the internet and find super car grave yards which show what the thrill of squandering my work and property really is, giving way to the idea my data is vulnerable and deploying it means spending that money they make me wonder where they get whenever I have to deal with quasi criminals setting up my concerns somewhere to tell me my life is over and thereby creating investment which contributes to global economy recovery. The latest gimmicks with respect to this nonsense is one of Germans running around the world to progress the matter of me getting them stuck with difficult aspects of Armed forces work on account of their need to threaten me, violate me and get involved with my concerns for nasty purposes, giving way into something of Political leaders feeling unsafe as the primary premise for the large automobile Industry in their Country, about which I had made a statement that there was no evidence that doing anything in that way was the correct way to go about it. Hence like liberal America says I don’t have a chance at all and we all know they took the bait and bought shares with companies that I got involved with in order to control me, they needed tell their middle management to keep the imagination on the shop floor and their minions keep its off my bum, since it is clear that when I pick the scissors to their finances as well, this is where I am likely to begin, they do say mine is about securing my interests and wealth at all times and yes it is – it is when the sort of nonsense I have pointed out above highlights the fact I have a good arrangement with Americans and so likely to be the one with equity that can resolve any issues associated with them attacking people who then pick up bits of their products to run off to the US and make a name and wealth for themselves by, it was clear companies that brokered it with me were in a very good place and so each time I have to deal with their madness picking up my assets to make a mess and pass down to their middle East friends who move equities to the middle east to savage everything in this place, the extent of their racial politics becomes quite clear but for me the outcome is the ability to make clear why I need make it easy for me to recover everything they have damaged through social media i.e. when it is difficult for people to say that others can trust them to handle personal and business finances in the worlds largest financial system on account of the degree of terrorism that has been fostered, it has to be easy to recover everything they have made a mess off on a place as flippant as social media.

They do claim I am completely unqualified for any of the things I spend my energy on and its utter nonsense as I only spend my energy on what belongs to me i.e. I was given this commission and an environment to do what I must in order to run it, it has taken 12 years to put my academic pursuits beyond their reach and I am now fighting to maintain the environment that was built for me to operate in, has nothing to do with qualification. Its much the same as the other story about their nasty behaviour and history with British which they claim adds up to repression that needed to be corrected – the Government had a duty to administrate a process whereby we were all heading to the prisons before the teachers intervened to teach us the knowledge that grew into careers but that said, there are people still who make success and stay out of crime while keeping off the academic system but what happens instead is that those who have absolutely no reason to be stuck in an environment reserved for people who think about and take part in criminal activity are stuck in it via a huge big massive happy fucking ethnic minority family facilitated by racism which these bloody idiots claim to rule. The same applies at the Monarchy where the Crown sets a target for a percentage of the population to be educated and to learn a trade bearing in mind the way that successful but uneducated people respond to frustration and their Politicians will completely wreck that because it is difficult to live with people that help them make their minds up very quickly about what they want to do, since successful but uneducated people tend to respond in a peculiar way to being poked.

We see it all the time whereby it develops some society based spiritual power that it uses to beat me down with violent lasciviousness in order to get rich all day and it continues to progress it to the point where I can feel them drink to my health in the neighbourhoods as though it needs my help to shut it down – so they do use it to whip peoples private parts until victims end up with schizophrenia which is how they make those social rules and enforce them to protect their personal interests and have been saying I am so tight I can never be found dead ending up in a mental institution, which I wouldn’t since I am able to fuck their minds as well; it is usually a choice between letting the tummy do what it does since its clearly what one feeds oneself with or letting it get straight to the head so one ends up with a mental institution being tied down, about which they claimed people were coping well with the tummy issues and we all know if they did have a system where they facilitated female financial disposition, so women may look after the body and chase their interests like I did, they would see such things as a threat but clearly do well where it is happening because they were recovering by themselves since last we checked. The effect is that the abusive involvement is usually so intense that victims are dragged away from the daily concerns and when they get back to it, they have fallen behind first of all but above all have started thinking the same way as those who have been attacking them and this is what causes the tummy issues – the tummy issues are usually the point at which most people realise something has gone wrong naturally, so in my case everything I had done to them to deter this nonsense was stopped by the Politicians up until it happened.