I do not think that the strategy of the Westminster parties in Scotland is a risky one – what has happened is that the Scottish National party has not told the people what the nature of what it is doing is i.e. the reality is that although Politics and government is people talking, the fact has always been that it is like chemistry and you do not make it up as you go along, you simply follow chemical rules and mix them chemicals to reach a certain outcome and result and if you mix one molecule of hydrogen with two molecules of oxygen you always end up with water, it is not the imagination around water that causes that, it is simply the reaction and the resulting outcome period and so in the same way Government has rules and things do not just happen, things answer to their own kind and answer to a certain kind in government and outcomes when you set out a certain prognosis is never as you would like it, yes because of human involvement on all angles it is possible to tell lies and delay those outcomes but they are always a dead certainty just like any other science – i.e. mix one molecule of hydrogen and two of oxygen then mix some sodium chloride later on to change it and you will never succeed etc, it will still be water but interpreted in a different way not changing the fact you have created water. What we have in Westminster as such is a system where we know what the other side that balances what Politicians do is, that means the government acts in a certain way and the outcome is a certain outcome that is predictable scientifically and if there are any problems in between these as matters get resolved, there are designated systems that can resolve them immediately. The SNP has none of these things around its policies and plans for governance and a new Country they have told nobody about if they have them at all, not only do they expect others to work it out for them while they spend their energy on winning independence referendums so they can ensure people do not wreck their lives when they damage people’s property, which they always do without reservation or reason except every time they are infantile and frustrated which of course is where I make mention of the fact I still find it impossible to believe it has come to an independence referendum as if they are completely unaware of the reasons people do the things they complain about but above all, those of us that can understand what the other side of the balance of what they are after is, especially those that have seen it before, know that it is catastrophic, and there are little indications everywhere about the full implication of what they are after for example when the Bank of England governor tells them fiscal Union is not compatible with independence etc. The reality is about what the Japanese describe as ying-yang: facts and realities answer to their kind and a certain kind in government and the rules governing them were made according to the factors that develop these rules and that is why evidence is necessary in the law Courts to prove innocence of guilt at trial for example when justice is being considered in this matter – the Scottish National party has not got a clue nor has it told us what the other side of the balance of what they are doing and what they are about really is because they have not got a clue what they are doing at all and that is a very bleak prospect for a Country – it has never been about the kind of government Scotland wants as much as it has always been about what Scotland is as a Country. Fed up of course we are in this country with Politicians that tell lies to get about governing the people by asking them – many times it has been put forward to their stupid selves that it is totalitarianism and they are one step away from dictatorship because of course when you start to tell people about the rules and nature and balance of each and every policy that is made at Government and the things that everything answers to and the rules and the combinations that lead to the results that are indisputable, what you end up with is a people that have government and no time for themselves about what really matters while you get paid for doing the government work and they do it entirely free of all charges.