I hear business people do say they were expecting wage rises and I have no idea whom they suppose was expecting wage rises with them after anyway; everything I have done from the day I started it all in 2007 with respect to making the Company operate has been based on the fundamental prediction that we will end up with an economy where there is recovery but it takes longer for wages to rise alongside the recovery. The crisis itself was a financial one in the first place, so it is not clear which monumental fool would build business on an expectation of wage rises either – but it gets better because they have been the source of the problems themselves i.e. stock market traders who pillage the equities of the companies of those they treat like little brothers in order to sell the companies of others to other companies who will want to make their profit in the end after paying to buy companies that have been marketed at many times their value and the result is that the money is eventually systematically and subtly stolen from somewhere and eventually when the money pot from where it is stolen runs out everything comes crashing down and we call it a crisis. They know is, we understand it is the reason they have dubbed themselves masters of the Universe on many occasions but when you say money cannot just disappear and that they need to bring some of it back and we all know 40% of what they own financially was not actually earned, the activities of idiots who tummy and anal bang everybody that does something about these facts aside on grounds they have needs and are greedy and infantile and want to make people hurt them all the time assuming people cannot do it without accumulating deadbody counts and so on especially the African ones, the reality is that they know if all the companies they traded were put together and the equities were to be justified, money they needed to hand back to the global economy all together would run into billions, so why dont they simply waste a portion of it to help us with recovery enjoying themselves and staying out of organised crime which some of us have taken steps to ensure are unprofitable but it was never a world where idiots like them can work for money and hand it back nor was it a world where nobody’s like me could tell them what to do, so they might want to think about giving people some money then if their business now needs to see recovery on the basis of wage rises, I myself would never allow any goon who knows that the worst that can happen to him is a condition where he closes down his business and puts his money in the savings, to do things that will create a mob that wants to rob me of my Royal Estate, so I dont care what they need either. It simply does not make any sense to understand that advertisement is based on happiness, want to be the point that everybody should gather so that you might sell things and get rich and at the same time turn up in public all the time to be the most notorious pain in other peoples backside financially and health wise and then expect after years of that an outcome where there is an economic recovery in which there is wage increases as well so that you might make more money.