Now I am said to be in such a predicament as nobody can save me from, as inflicted by women and I am not aware of such a predicament anyway, what we have are a collection of goons who think they are older, more successful and well-meaning and have to ensure every fool that shows up to rip apart my academic work and finances gets to wee on me as well while they supervise, deciding what I am going to share with women. Then again so have we seen occasions where there are parts of the world in which being a woman means certain death the same way it is between racists and ethnic minorities and each time they are questioned usually say people think they are monsters but they are not and yet we are seeing it from a distance it should be noted, when these sorts of stupidities will not stir clear of handling my person after doing it for 15 years to build up Public outrage and then set about telling me how to speak, while they get around their celebrities being able to build me a bad reputation as they send out their advertisement idiots to collect them some clients using my reputation all together as it were.

I do not think the matter is a crisis, I already have a way of dealing with each one; the women ones like to try and find out if I am going to abandon them when they have gone too far screwing around with male society, the Celebrities wish to see if I am capable of ripping up the Celebrity culture and those who support the Celebrities at the Monarchy wish to see what will happen if they are on one side deciding on a replacement for me while I am busy razing the Celebrity culture to the ground all together – I mean the ones at the Monarchy are another story entirely and the Prince of Wales now joined by the Duke of Sussex are at the heart of it, they have a death in the family that paid the Dowry of the Heir to the throne and we have had another pay the dowry again for the second time over these matters, do not like the way these silly girls that have got their own type to spend their insulting sexual advances at dart the dirty mouth here and there, sting, sing insults all the time because they are other people’s sugar babies but time and again we find individuals who dowry was paid for by their wives do these things because they think the public image and personality I tend at this Hermitage was their fucking exit at the Monarchy – besides which it has become obvious that it is impossible for rely on the Prince of Wales for security all together at this stage, while the Politicians will be the ones that wish to serve society and I am so good at it that society is protecting them these days for it all together, providing them private security Industry services 24/7. My point is that these individuals that like to avoid every responsibility towards the female community showing up here to torture me because of my believe in providing women with a sense of security and comfort after they had spent years of my time punishing me with my religious believes, to talk nonsense about what I am supposed to share and brag about how they wish to confiscate the Royal Office and Books, are really going to get themselves into a position where I am going to get them off learning some respect for my person as well, since it is not yet obvious they are complaining about me even when I have not yet started picking up their own causes to punish them with all day long on account they simply cannot keep their hands off other people as it were, especially when they have got the stupid media to play with and we are not talking the society ones who love to do it when they know I have done something about these matters to a stage where I am very tired and therefore need a break, who love to ensure that is the precise stage where their women will see that I am unable to get a breathing space and then show it off as their own responsibility towards the female community and bellow those stupid threats that are a product of them complaining about me concerning the first instance which was largely to do with the fact their imagination is always about their fingers and my anus, something that no force, no person, no power is either persuading or paying them to do, before they reached a stage that meant they could not stop having a go at me on account they are cracked ad well and are busy showing me the impressive sides of their stupidities concerning the fact they do not like to lose.

 The point at the end is that writing Books meant that I did put myself out to be assessed by the world and I would fancy they had stopped showing up all over it before this nonsense that is really not the history of my life becomes something that gets me deploying their stupid fame and public image for the purpose of solving problems 24/7 at this Office. They do not like the way peoples sugar babies dart the insults all over the place, time and again these are the characters that will keep the future King in place and then ensure he is a real Man when the present Monarch had passed away and that the Public image alongside the Personality I tend at this Hermitage was their exit, leaving me to wonder what indeed was the problem they thought they had with HM leadership all together anyway and whether I am always being targeted because they are convinced I were completely harmless. I do get told that The Duke of Sussex and myself would make a good team if I were willing but the Duke of Sussex does not want to get along with me, he wants to see me serve the Monarchy instead of exist as though I were its darling and it seems that each time he does that he shows himself off as one of the biggest stiff one when it comes to serving the Monarchy. So, it does go down to this reality where it is obvious that those who think people that have good looks and desirable physical features can grab their Public image will never become responsible persons in future and will never grow up. For my case they say it is never clear that woman can feel safe with me but that was an old story about maybe meeting somebody who shows you she has prepared her finger of power thing but never used it even though she has ended up in a violent situation with a goon that will not let her be and she prepared her finger of power bits because she had done well for herself, but are we not talking about the kinds of situation where a Man must do what I man has to do if such things arose as it were? In my case it will show up to play practical jokes on me, wreck everything around here and make up the reasons at it goes along provided the Politicians and the Media give it a means for that and then settle up on the one that says these practical jokes and vandalism wrought at my expense makes money and then it will never stop, looking for more of what it is complaining about if I then decided I wished the government was able to do more concerning peoples wasting its citizens so it could never get taxes where it should and am therefore going to sell culture and society for a living. They do say I am not committed to violence but that was a case of Liberals who are very evil goons that want to see me get off my religion and do violent things that will serve the cause of evil ideologies because, so they always want to put women in danger which allows them to grab money off the female community and avoid work, then sit about goading me all day long and of course I am not doing any stupid violence for them, so that those who want to make me might get to do so all together; so people do say they have thought these behaviour to be a norm at some stage but it is not a norm at all, these are a bunch of bullies doing what they know best – if you said, that getting out of their door to reach an Office and spend time damaging your job which you really have no prognosis or explanation for especially when they have gotten some Royal personage or Political fool at enjoyable deviance to provide them some security based support, was damage, then you have committed yourself to do something bad that the ones who want to glorify the devil by detaching you from your religion have waited for all their lives and if you had said that it was just a social issue, then you have created a license that really lets them do it without limit. Take the celebrities for example; I doubt that most people think a process where I had written a Book on this matter, giving rise to the business of celebrities employing somebody to rip up my reputation such that it is impossible to pay somebody for advertisement and tell them to find me people who think I am a nice guy who has written a Book that they want to read since most people will have already heard of a bad story concerning me because of what Celebrities have said and done about my public life, then set about grabbing my real Public life which society idiots will collect for them by making me smell, to sell themselves with all together – there has to be a prognosis for this behaviour or I am about to take up Celebrity sweetness and spend it solving problems at this Office until I had completely destroyed it as well.