Today we had this conversation on Media about Obese Children, there being technology and Community to help them overcome their Obesity and so on – while some had begun to express concerns about the burden of weight being laid on Children, such that the reason their Childhood is taken from them again, after those who were responsible for feeding them made all the mistakes, is that it is all for their own good. I thought it never gets expressed that Parents who overfeed Children are incredibly irresponsible people and that is what we see when once done with that they believe the problem will be solved through Technology and Community; it was their responsibility to feed the Children and to ensure it was clear to all that if the Children could not stop eating as was bad for their health to eat at a certain frequency, they had a medical condition but this is not what they did – the rest of us left wondering where their own vanished off to; the entire time that the Mother was pregnant and time was spent making sure she was well fed and she fed the right food and got the right treatment and rest for the work she had to do giving birth, then the first 3 years after being birth which was spent as a matter of half the Household and then the other half that is publicly active, spending time to make endless statements about an important person in the House, being that Children are much the same as Political Public figures in the sense that if you mess around with the Prime Minister, somebody could Assassinate them because it was rather difficult to hear what they were saying, in like manner which if you don’t feed, bath or exercise children well, they could die and you would be responsible for killing a person. To be noted that if somebody said it was typical of women to overfeed children and set up communities and technology that will help them lose weight, it would have been contrived as sexist but not overfeeding Children was simply common sense. We understand this disposition to have been one people responded to in the sense that these women behaved the way they did, claiming their parents acted towards them in a certain way with respect to food and they did not want their children suffering as they did, yet we know that if their Children are obese, they got the tendency to be from somewhere and they did not get it from parties outside of the nuclear family.

I was rather shocked when it meant that a statement needed to be put out about how I am a Character that will get what is coming to me as the need people have to teach me lessons continues to get worse and I believe it’s a good time to take a stand on it as well; same tale of racists being told they can do their mass murder if they wanted but ought to remember what happens thereafter, these goons on the other hand love to copy discrimination and blow off a big mouth at me and we are gradually getting to the part of walking into Government buildings to tell them they can put up a certain behaviour if they dared – they are not half the threat to me they think they are and it would be helpful if they didn’t issue any. I know they fundamentally hate my guts and want to punish me all the time but it still comes down to two main things; one of them is building communities with imagination that gets up my bum over their money problems as insultingly as possible, the other is the destruction of my academic work; in terms of the first we now have a state of affairs closely linked to the idea they expected me to be afraid of that stupid society and culture which happens to be the reason for all this nonsense but I wasn’t, so we now know that I want them to move over to the left and smell like what they ate for every insulting involvement with me and that makes this disposition more noticeable and they want to punish me everyday for the rest of my life because of it, which was never considered when I spent year telling them off and they thought like everything else that the more I was distressed was the more worthy practical joke their stupidities were – if they handle me for the smell they cause here, I am going to try hurting them seriously as a matter of the changes I will want to make to suit me too – it does need to stop threatening me as there is nothing they can do about me; everybody knows if I hurt the younger ones I will be told they were so brave they were fighting battles that I was too much of a coward to handle and if I hurt the older ones they will say I hurt things that are too big for me and there will be no honour, it needs move over to the left and smell like what it ate too, keep its big mouths threats firmly shut. The destruction of my academic work on the other hand has proven to be something that they do because it is important to ensure access to my personality which they want to make popular culture a fame and fortune by is not restricted or closed, much the same as those of them who pass the exams at school are constantly in need of a clever person that is not educated, so their recipe for success is a clever person that is not educated, an educational qualification and a job which the talents of the clever people who are not educated will make into a profitable venture, if such persons liked it or not; such a bunch of parasites and need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, goes without saying the next time they do it if they see me at an academic institution, I will build them a powder Keg and make them watch me light it as well – at this stage we know it is pity that prevents us going any further with the Muslim ones in the first place.

They do claim I put up a face that suggests I am a nice guy which I am not but its never clear why being a nice person predisposes you to being targeted by abusive people anyway; I don’t spend my time practicing how to handle them whenever they show up here with abusive nonsense based on how the energy and health required for the bad things they want to do relies on me, which they can trade off with Industry twerps to wreck my life and pillage my finances by, is what being nice means, it does not mean I cannot get off practicing some if I wanted to and I have warned their stupidities enough times that threatening me each time they have financial problem has never been what any clown’s civil rights looks like on this planet. We see this nonsense all the time; it will wreck everything around here, make me smell of what I ate 24/7, make me suffer like I was a criminal who needed to suffer until he decided to select somebody at random that he can take it out on and we don’t see them do any of it to psychopaths who speak of the level of their power over any conversation you had with them either, then it all gets worse as they are not interested in the fact that whilst they enjoy their practical jokes so much, they have racism in their society which everybody must deal with. Then if you said that they needed to think carefully about securing an academic qualification before they did, the fact they never listen to anybody that they are obsessively interested in, will mean that you had decided people should not have an education; when we know that 15 year work experience with a £100,000 savings, a Diploma and a Mortgage is pretty much the same thing as a 9 year work experience, £50,000 savings, a First Degree and a Mortgage but when those who do not need the Degree go off and get it, those who have the Degree are cheaper at the Market place – what we see they are good at is stupidities that mean a Royal Hermit looked at their Car, so the feeling was good and they needed to get that feeling, so everything that prevents them from doing so, such as a condition where he finished his academic work or got into a relationship with somebody to settle down as a Family had to be thwarted, as stupidly as possible, issuing threats at me with a big mouth it cannot stop wagging all the time, completely reliant on me being afraid of the Culture and Society because it believes I want to spend my time talking to its Penis.

We still have some trouble ahead as long as this nonsense continues; it needs to get around abusing and insulting me as its means to building connections that it gets money off rich people by, especially the Muslims – this means that although I am a writer and my writing depends on my mind, it does not matter if damaging my mind as a leverage that ensures I could understand what will happen if I tried to get rid of what they are currently relying on damages me, damages my civil rights, damages my health, its all about them and it starting to look like ripping up those stupid small businesses they set up to keep an eye over my shoulders and a work ethic in this Office is becoming much more a matter of when and not whether I did it. It does start out as stupidly as possible, something to do with making a mess of my person all the time; soon it becomes much more serious, grows into something that undercuts me at my feeding instincts, such as when I bought a product at the Market place and what I did with it was discovered through the Glass Ceiling they have put over my Head, then used to get money off some rich people in the City centre, we know it will wreck my academic work again with this new found means to trading and that I am regularly being prevented from finding the products I have bought before because of this, meaning that settling up on what my tummy really likes to put an end to the smell issues that gets them threatening me, is showing every indication of being out of touch – the society and culture has not yet vanished because I am writing Books and the kids have not yet dropped out of school and hung around the street patronising class A drugs because I am getting physical fit as we can see but recent events have started to suggest that this period of grace might be at an end.

So I am told I have only taken up 15 Minutes to resolve all the crisis that have been bugging the Political system over the last 5 years but its an old tale that The Queen is a very kind person, this usually means that people lose sight of who The Queen really is, until those times when racism is bad but the ethnic minorities are copying discrimination and making new forms of it, while the Politicians want us to hang up somewhere and say they are important people, holding our tummy lest we want to vomit and smell of what we ate endlessly because we know we cannot keep up the lying for the rest of our lives – which only gets better if there was a means by which a person was asked to put their back into it. We observe those insults blabbing of how I would do something about it if I could all the time, while we know what happens is that their foolish Celebrities and Fashion twerps show up here to make a mess and take job roles out of his Hermitage, which develops into an improper investiture; every time we see them, we see them cling to my Public image and Hermitage, claiming what they were doing was worth it for me, that it was all about me, never fully getting involved, eventually which a gap emerges that can be filled by contract twats like Models and security guards and fame freaks who creep into my concerns to extract money from market I built and it will not stop until it really does; so its all a huge big gimmick that involves competition for now, not competition with educated people, not competition with lay people but a competition to see who can do the mot stupid thing which is clearly not being garnished with the threats that really tends to express the fact the big mouths cannot shut unless they are actually shut by somebody else. So we find that what I have said here reveals other issues but it was always going to: get into a fight of your life to stop yourself getting round in circles while you are being cornered like Sheep and dragged at the Jobs Market into an environment that adds up to an Established arrangement set up to hurt you, claiming itself to be a business that is interested in employment or trading and you end up with a 10 year false sense of security once done, only to face an atmosphere that keeps growing while people find their stupidities amusing when they work it, associated with support needed from Politicians on account its been a long recession and the small people have done the work, so its time to reap the benefits - I have put out the warnings more times than I can remember of the insults pushed off by idiots in suits likely leading to outcomes in which I will take a position to watch them deploy my Assets in order to win their contracts and incomes one more time as it were.