Of course it is never true that I flatter people, although all my problems can be explained way by such claims. The fact about it is the opposite which is why I always think when people say so they have come thus matter around here too. I do not want to get around with anybody let alone flatter anybody; when in fact somebody is likely to think that an occasion in which he has gone out drinking and partying with his friends is a good event setting in which to bother me while I am trying to pray and yet another might think his relationship with gangs or even racism is and then my personal favourites because they want everything being the ones that think the occasion in which they have just had sex with their mistresses is. So I never really want to get around with anybody because when I tell people I must be going on account there are things God instructs me to do, first of all it becomes a matter regarding which God does not exist and then progresses to end in a matter about which they do damage to my finances in order to prevent me from being so stupid and yet even when they know that their view of what is what damages other people in such ways they will get involved with those people anyway like it or not and so do their corruptions of involvement, which ends with defiling my sanctuary and peddling my faith all the time on media with it too, where the distress they cause is funny and increasingly so. Now with respect to wealth distribution and how the US has the dilemma of how to be on the side of good people but also on the side of wealth equality however it is a completely different story all together i.e. A story regarding which you need to ask who the victim of wealth distribution idiots is this time around once they start bearing in mind they do not seem to believe that there is something fundamentally amis with the fact that 95% of people that spend time with them are unsuccessful, except that they think the fact they are older than people means that when they are dunces, they can do anything they like so so believe in a better world therefore that has been created through republicanism; in the end they do damage to peoples livelihood so they can copy and do their own as well, about which you will normally have revenge but it seems they have got a concrete arguments with which to get away with it, most people would move on but of course they talk too much and then make music CD out of it and people buy those music CD and start to think the entire economy will operate along the lines of profit through parties but soon all these is combined with the idea that having been they desired to share your livelihood and it did not make sense to you, the bottom line is that they have now done so and robbed you of it which is funny as well and this is where most peoples kick off too i.e. When people see others mess up a persons business and make music CD out of it, they buy it because although they are aware they are party to an offence there is nothing the owner can do about it, which is why you get to have enough and find out what it is exactly you really cannot do about it; in my case it has more to do with singing the equities of my company instead of songs and the other goons boasting with their criminal disobedience about what I cannot do about it. The truth is that you have a company and a couple of people buy shares in it and float finance for it on the market; now sometimes those people will want to have communities where they regularly have orgies and what have you in order to grab more and more of other peoples property to bend you over and use your company to make money, question here is what exactly the relationship is between the media and these communities of orgies when the vandalisms of your livelihood on National Television publicity is supposed to have been warning of what will happen to you if you do not co-operate with them and let them into your life to do what they like and do any corruptions of involvement that they want? Soon what you are left with is how to look after your customers, make sure your shareholders do not wreck peoples lives to make you rich which is an impossible thing to control mostly but you will not have a successful or reputable business if you have not done it and of course managing the business but the outcome is therefore the fact no body likes wealth inequality, while the media and its friends are determined to handle everything that belongs to you to attack and completely destroy that ideal, hence you will never have had a successful business if you had not taken care of this matter since reputation is everything. So it is obvious the next question therefore is that of who their victim on this wealth distribution stuff is on this occasion is, it appears it might even be me while I am completely unaware that I am the victim whose property is the one that is to be used to do the wealth distribution; everybody therefore knows that I am being extremely tolerant about this matter and so will be I extremely destructive with regards to it once I have floated my public life too.