I have been told I am no longer able to cope with my concerns, had become tired and fed up but I am not at all. This is all about Celebrities – they have employed their society gits who looked like applying violence on them would make sense, in terms of how their greediness worked to get imagination up peoples bums and wreck studies, wreck careers to get rich fast – these societies have built up criminal elements and hoodlums, set about ripping up peoples careers and running people down all day, in my case they had since decided the character who had a personality where they dumped their problems to seek a better life, now also had to prove he deserved his career by getting into a fight, my cardio health wedged in the middle, so if I didn’t do something about it, the age of 60 would be a luxury. They achieve the disposition for this nonsense by picking up my public image to get paid for being popular, then deploying the funds for gimmicks that allow them pick up my income margins as well, if they could not destroy it or the business of getting the public disinterested in my Books had failed, so they simply blocked it – this is the main point of call, about which I believe now that removing them from my work so that they no longer had access to it, such that I ended up with these sorts of problems because they could not let go while unleashing hell on me everyday, was the way to proceed. In it they say I had some Celebrities supporting me and there was a conflict of interest which I don’t; what happens is that the Celebrities they speak get involved in a legitimate fashion, so they either end up assisting me on mobility matters or they ended up being the people who set the stage to say that there was a problem that had to be tackled due to their involvement. Ultimately the question is one of how easy it would be for me to achieve all these but it is not difficult at all, the problem is the fact I had a human body and the work load – generally they have been benefitting from my wealth equity structures while their parents from Africa and Europe at the people working the immoral society that builds the crisis of sexual context abuses to get rich fast and drive limousines in American cities where they would shower others will insults and enter into a state of affairs where they got what they wanted, so they really do not need the wealth equity and I needed to begin taking the necessary steps to ensure that all access on their part was shut down. I do get asked if I saw the link to communism in this and yes I do but I have always seen that link – communist business men never take a thing seriously in their lives but the problem comes when democratic leaders want to play with the careers of their citizens, so the Celebrities want to play with it as well. These Europeans and Africans on the other hand are bankrolled by those communist business men and needed to make the comments about their own careers, stop building up the sense that there wasn’t enough respect for me to run a Bookshop in this place, while the stupid celebrities were entering into a consequential result where I made sense of their two camped gimmicks of those who enjoyed picking up my career to make their own money and those who loved to take over, by causing them a lot of suffering. The measure of this nonsense is usually best displayed by the Media, when there were distributors working their business somewhere and they will build up a sense that I was about to join in, should I clear it up that I was not, they will want a Media career where Industry trouble makers could rely on them to take me down – so we have reached a stage where they were getting people to make sense of the fact their jobs were so important, if their stupidities built communities that got imagination up my bum, I should not have set it up on a website to get imagination up their own for the purpose of selling Books as well, because their media jobs were incredibly important and they were VIPs – needs keep its mouth shut and shut it down, otherwise leave me to decide where it stopped.

They say that I had copped out, if I failed to co-operate with what they did about a need to get married and to share the incomes of rich gits who thought their money ruled the world and I have tolerated it for 6 years while they got accustomed to a sense they owned my social life and public image on account they did not want to give it up - this is the sort of nonsense I have to put up with and the overarching pressure point.

They do claim it is all partly my fault but it is not in anyway – there is society marriage here, where people picked up my career to seek opportunities in other peoples lives, meaning the target persons could have what they had been offered free of charge, the problem is the media and celebrities picking up my earnings and being entitled to my career, at the same time issuing stupid threats my way when their careers got threatened by their friends, who clearly behave as if their greed was of a type whereby if violence was applied on them, it would have made sense. Another part of their story is that this is all my punishment for the support I showed toward Brexit and it is utter rubbish as well – Brexit was something decided by the Public according to the way that events in Europe affected them, I did not want a Brexit myself but it is an example of the way that they hurl insults at others all day, on account they finished University to get jobs as Managers of businesses, forgetting that businesses actively train their staff and the only thing that prevents staff training was usually a matter of leaders believing that existing training opportunities made their staff a threat, hence absolutely no way that somebody would start out as a warehouse worker and take our series of courses until he filled the position of business manager, the story of how they start insane gimmicks and somebody else took it up and did it better, the same way they lost the Brexit vote. We can see that although we lived in a world where we could never be free from their insults and abuses, it was more organised in everyway than their own – in my case the pressure point was a matter of residual trouble makers, the Children needed my Public image to attend school and you might have thought that was stupid until you see the parents decide what becomes of your survival after sustained and organised sexual context abuses, tackle both and the insults thrown at you will get criminals interested in you for so doing, hence some people become the grown up boys who were the terror of the school kids, just to secure a small amount of respect and this is what Media and Celebrities claim were entitled to access my career simply because it was possible to say and do such things when people had access to publicity. Eventually we hear that I never take charge whilst what is seen is that it is not a bad way to work the way I did, with the women all over my Public life, making a living for themselves, the insane process of clinging to my income margins to give themselves turns on profits from businesses that they had controlled with fake investment which wastes my time until the Celebrities could join in on the abusive processes of chasing my income margins instead of working for their markets, then there is the daily complain about the fact I want them to shut down the media abuses and cease picking up my PR. Then we hear that I hated Europeans but wanted to be a part of it all the time, which is utter rubbish as the main problem was that none could tell what their career scope was, if they walked into my business premises to build communities that get imagination up my bum and tell me that they needed more access to Americans – it had since become a competition to see who would have the most fun at the other persons expense, which I believe I am winning at this stage. It builds up to so much guilt on the market and products side, when they do such things as draining the Oceans of fish that is stored in Warehouses, the only purpose of doing so being a mere attempt to keep the prices low – it is all corruption as such, sickening corruption that plays into the Ukraine Crisis, even though we had to keep an eye on what happens in Ukraine because Russians never stopped invading the Country, changing their leaders or poisoning Democratically elected governments. It does do this all the time, the claim I hated Europeans but fancied the success and lifestyle, so I considered this opportunity one of the best times to fill in some of the popular facts - my concerns had stalled since last the gimmick to suggest that each time I engaged in Europe I did to serve them or their cause ensued and I want them to confess the otherwise by themselves.