What could be so bad and evil about barely criminal idiots around the world and the fact if they have gotten another persons means and earnings out there in public and on media in a way he cannot control what happens to it, there is no reasons they should not get to do whatever they like with it? Even though we all know that it is all about fools with their versions of a definition of privilege and what it means to be spoiled which ethos is entirely based on the expense of a chosen victim and then riches and fame for them as well, which they make out they must have at all cost, it is a question  the answer of which holds many in wonderment; why they always need to have somebody in a predicament before they do anything that is for their good if they were to do it, so that they might be important and when you hear them speak of this way that things are supposed to be, it sounds like the person that is to end up in a predicament has no feelings about his precious things that everybody seems to desire and want and that even if the person did have any feelings, those feelings are completely irrelevant with a big mouth only; more over of which the fact it goes against their ethos of wealth distribution and equality does not bother them in any way in the slightest, hence you are not supposed to harm them seriously at all, imagining that the purpose of their actions is wishful thinking of what harm people can do to you when they have more money than you do and it does not necessarily have to be them and of course the wickedness and evil that explains it and how that is more important than getting a day job before you had then decided you were generous enough to listen to their garble and to hand yours over but of course it does not matter if you do because they will take it, lay your life to waste and create disillusion for the entire world through media and get away with it and then you will be completely unlikely to do the same as well, provided there is leverage and blackmail that if you do you will damage government office, hence you are unlikely to learn how to without damaging any government office either because they are now powerful enough to ensure you do not with a big mouth which gets to mean you do not finally want to settle it personally man to man at all; which of course is where they are supposed to win and means that it was all about wealth distribution all along, from people you have never seen before whose name you have never heard of. It also brings to bear that old rubbish of what I must think about before doing which shows how far they have come deceiving themselves that I want to please them and that the last thing I might likely do is please myself. It goes on like that all the way to things like social networking being commercialised; I mean they encourage us to do as much as we can to put our lives on it, so that when we do put the things we do with each other on it the money value applies to that as well and there is a new war with media which is inevitable because even a forum created for a cause only may have a fund raising sector and in that sense has a process involved by which it conducts its affairs as a business. Sometimes it is said they learn these things from me but as I have mentioned before; it makes you want to see people in person to settle their problem as it were and I don’t mind if the so called big businesses and thieving banks and media and politicians want to meet me in person for it either – they have trouble keeping their hands over other people’s property and I have trouble understanding why a person would think another will not act if he gets on National television to believes lies he is told and reacts to it by telling them to do things to the persons finances: it is mind bending absolutely when they complain, keep their salaries safe and talk even more rubbish; like filth and violence. They all love to get on media to hear one side of stories people tell about me and give a public go ahead for people to harm me, it has become more important than getting a day job and they are confident I will hand over my own earnings too; especially the politicians and their city centre friends and money and thousands of pounds of government salary kept safe while they do it to pretend that a person’s livelihood is not being damaged – after all doing those things in their view clearly does not go against their ethos of wealth distribution and social equality and we will not see about that at all too. Most of all they do it and hear those sides of the stories they act upon like they would have me beaten up if I had an opinion about it and for this I intend to handle them and their media and their Politics and their business until I drag them to a point where they meet me in person and settle whatever on earth seems to be their problem. They can leave me alone as we are not mates or this will be the outcome. The claim I never allow people work when they operate around me is utter rubbish too; the truth about that is that here in the UK  along with their friends especially in the US, people never ever do what they are told to do. I simply am talking about it at the moment because I believe I have done enough about it even though I am ready to go again any time; i.e. when somebody is elected by the people to do a job of setting the economy right, he is more interested for the most part about what the operative nature of his party is – can be therefore do the operative nature of his party while settling clear policy on economic recovery which is a combination of growth and paying of the deficit and not just paying off the deficit alone? Of course but why would he want to do it when he can claim I am the reason that he is not? Same with media where idiots find problems that befit things people own and refuse to share with them and use their jobs to ferment it for a living; the idiots are supposed to report their news but have been thinking about writing books as well, reason being that they have made stories out of absolutely everything I do since I have no right to exist due to my Christian blessings and my being do different and of course have also snooped around my personal life and made up what they can from it on their media, to the point where their thoughts are getting deeper and deeper as well. Clearly of which it seems they like to do two jobs at a time and are convinced that it is a problem of mine as well with a big mouth. Same with government departments, same with foreign relations where my moving around becomes more important than whether or not people run offices where the Governments relations with other governments are politicised. I have always said they need to stay away from my books or it will be their undoing and I am certainly not bluffing for it either and their community idiots especially the African ones that continue in their chosen path too for the result will never be a bad one as well – in their case it is a function of what my parents decide my purpose is and they can touch my work any further and finances though doing so and find out what the results will be. The usual stuff is never to talk about it but wait for them to claim I am the reason they are not doing what they are told to, so I can simply whack them as well for my part and do it more so all of the time, after all those who have cultures that destroy people who steal the beauties of women all over the eastern part of the world continue to talk rubbish all the time with their media too and I had handled that stupid culture and they will never see it again, next I will handle them as well. As for my grip on their localities and localism however, they make out there is need for third party adjudication on how I provoke people of course but their grand mothers and every mentally ill woman in the land is my lover and because of that and the sense that people can do whatever they like in my direction thrown all over the media, I cannot sell my books and release much needed financial equity from my property to pay my way in world, while they carry further the provocation thing with rubbish about being more important than I am and planning to build on it, so there is every likelihood it will get worse as well.Now the claim I love to please people is completely misconstrued. The fact behind the whole thing is that it is all a show-off since it is the case that if things happen on account of you at the global stage you do want to know if there is some purpose to it as well. I do not like them you see and when I say so they want to know just how much but the truth is that it never works: if you are to pray and read the bible at 11:00 am and spend time on conversations with them around 5:00 am, it does not work, let lone if the proximity of that time frame was smaller. You count the time distance between them and you and the way you live in a matter of seek and months and yet still if it happens way too often it does not work either. We have conversations about such things because they have found a way to damage my income and twist my arm financially until they get my attention and it will become a serious problem as well; it will end really badly.  They speak nothing of the faithlessness and wicked godlessness that is violent which they practice because they plan to deploy the faith and religion of others to make up for anything they lack, nothing of the insults that are exist because it is used to ensure they do things for girls and women to make them rich at the expense of others, we hear nothing of a process where they seek fame that is not of their type at all times and the so called good life with it, nothing of the process where revenge does not pay which no body was asking them about when noise and lies to have some revenge pays them so much or indeed the fact you can only tolerate the deviance and intrusion for it and the get rich publicly displayed lucrative irresponsibility at your expense thus far.