So the story of my fight with Women continues of course and will never make sense anyway; I am not the one making trouble for Women – I am just surrounded by examples such as Women who helped me travel to the UK where I am fulfil my dreams and therefore own me but do not want to tell me lest I find a way out of it, other stupidities include wanting to have sex with me without my knowledge and turning out to extricate the feelings and pass around insults which suggest I need to stop pretending they have not had the sex anyway. It is not that they are unaware it is really stupid, it’s just that when you do see them laugh and become real girls around how it affects you, it is actually not a joke but a clear indication of how much they enjoy it. The Part that leads to pain for their stupid Men being the one about the claim I make use of Women as well but want to stop others i.e. I say ladies first and they take it all from Women to make their Wars and Terrorism with like we all know but specifically love to extricate how I react to the environment around and take it out of me to do such things and of course they are free to, I stand by my principles and it is ladies first anyway; they do think I am going to get beaten up by them as well the last time we checked and time again indications do not point in such a direction, so they are always free to take a swipe at me and stand somewhere collecting trophies as well, so we can find out what they are made of too. For the Women one it is not unusual that they will want to take advantage of me in such ways, after all we know that an average 50 year old will say she has been told all her life that all she knows and does was learned from Men and is a feminist who will not take the shit anymore and when you do support her these idiots will start a campaign about how your life is about supporting all Women. So typically it is exactly half the day at this point at 13.00pm and all morning it was a tale of finding raged tagged celebrities that will take over all my work to get rich at Industry because they are allergic to work and what I do will mean I have to protect all Women, which is not surprising for anybody but that has failed hence the conversation at this point about my ongoing war on Women, when like all the trouble they make and find out people do not have the same temperaments all round and that they have always had the ability to read minds, I was the one making it and not a group of fools getting into an endless quest to show that the world is an evil place which does not appreciate the existence of moral and church going persons like me and therefore especially on financial issues and later in terms of violence I should be made to understand there is no direction in which I can turn and it is so because they are dealing with underdogs of course, until they meet one that is an insane as I am and find out their stupid perspectives on the left and right has disappeared and that they have begun another story about how I write my Books to please the society on the right or idiots that are beyond my league on the left, which has no basis on truth and reality as these Books are actually the point at which they will find out they need to leave me alone soon enough for their own good and mine or respect the reality that the fact they have no more perspective on their left to make fame and stupidities of exhibiting themselves with is actually the least of their worries where I am concerned and we are not talking about the answer to their problems being far off from stopping the bad behaviour if it can be about setting me up as the Man that Men who bother them can fuck while they control me and leave me with an intolerance of all that academic environment nonsense we see that tends to set off a sense they are intelligent people including all its benefits. When we all know they are fucking idiots who really need to be educated as it were for their own good. I was rather under the impression that it had become public knowledge that I have a Court system and use it to maintain image and outing frontiers for the Women in it and will completely destroy and rip up absolutely anything that completes with or interferes with it and with me – this story about my war on women however is one that has as such passed its sell by date and that is why it is up here – nobody here, no one here is scared of them. I understand the question to be that of what I really want, which answer has always been obvious i.e. people buy Books to get involved with me, irrespective of what they know about me due to information about my work which I have given away in a bid to save lives; that is how it works, that is the straight and correct way – people do not know an author and buy his books in order to love and get involved with him and his work, this is the Civil way and they need to do it straight unless that is, they have no need for civility which position they can declare in public and get their foolish selves off my Media equipments. We are not talking about being uncivil with Men in the matter either – in terms of that, they are always free to get off and seek privileges of injustice from Politicians, so as to ensure I am dominated first before being allowed to complete any academic work and then they will work out what will become of my future thereafter to pretend it will not end up in something permanent that people can read and loan each other and share with their friends and keep for their children as well. We can carry on otherwise, behaving as though nothing serious will come of it, until a stage emerges where it becomes a matter of National image and then they will find out just exactly how much power I have at my disposal too.

I mean people can see it from my point of view as well i.e. tourism industry is doing well in the UK but is that because we have thought it is worth it to show ourselves off and take trade away from a smaller Country where entire economies depend on that sector? It takes civility to have such a thing and they can tell me of all the abuses they suffered and those they have ear marked to pay for it as well if they wanted, I am not of the opinion anything I say will go down their stupid ears, I just want them to get off my finances as early as they possibly can and clear my space. It has gotten to a point where One has to take some drastic action; what happens is that she will do the wild nature girl routine for me and in no time will be led along and led around by those who need money and fame and attention the most until it gets killed by a foreign criminal with a record, like some teenagers getting killed over there - the story of my War with Women is way past its sell by date, I should make it clear as it were; the fact they were out of my league was a lesson taken onboad almost 8 years ago offcially.