The stage for most of these matters it seems these days is the roads, full of status symbol cars that people have paid for with Credit bullying their mates after taking their ideas off to Industry to have people who were cleverer than they were take it from them and only a portion of their 5 figure salaries have paid for the Cars naturally, so it is not the status symbol that is worth your trouble anyway but is enough trouble for a lifetime never the less. The roads are no longer clear for civil services providers and its difficult for the emergency and Law enforcement services to navigate as well while they have their fun since Tony Blair. The other aspects of the problem of course has become the one about Cyclists interfering with the territory of motorists for being the middle ground that works for everybody should the government had decided to hike road taxes for those who do not have to travel far with their Cars in order to free up the roads so those that are paying taxes for being on it might be able to do their jobs better i.e. usually a matter of being stronger and more powerful than good looking people that are out of their league at all times naturally and so it becomes the unspoken secret concerning the incessant abuses and insults that they push around all the time.

In my case they say I would never say what I say if it mattered, while when we walk down the streets and they imagine fingering my bum such that I feel it, each time I indicate I will smash the windscreen they tend to behave and it becomes obvious that I will break their heart if I did, showing where the stupid priorities lie. Otherwise most of the time it becomes a matter of wanting to live in my skin because I look as though I am at peace with myself while driving something as dangerous for themselves and others as a car and then finding it impossible to stop telling lies doing so too. this is what happens when Politicians had spent tax payer funds getting a group of idiots out of their financial difficulties, it soon becomes a matter of me being bullied while reality is that they get into government Office to ensure I am made to smell like my loo while they build shops and then public transport operatives will take it up and build publicity for it while I am at University and people will show up for a fight because I look as though I need drugs but am not buy any, while the ageist tell lies that I am a criminal who has not yet been caught so they might wreck the academic work and get somebody with brains reacting to their stupidities to steal sense from and improve themselves by passing exams at work based self assessment and so because of all these they find it impossible to get out of my personal life and keep their insults where it is appreciated, blabbing nonsense at me of where I would not say what I say and how I would not where it mattered, when we know if I smashed a windscreen then the beating up will really have to happen and the complaining about not being two to three times my size like their big mouth suggests will really make sense. We can already see they make out I hang up somewhere developing excuses which explain their behaviour when I am not.

The other part they say is that black people get the better of me while those are just popular culture insanity who would not let go because they wish to find out what I think about the clubbing and partying lifestyle that must make money in a way that is not criminal but eventually leads to organised crime story showing up all over my public image because I have a same skin colour that they do; we can also see the idiots will get involved with me on the streets at random and churn my tummy and will be the same building up a crowd to laugh at me for it as well. So it is nothing more then very stupid people who claim to have children that deserve my public image in a world where we black people have one existence and those that are more worthy for it get the fame and fortune while low lifes like me have to get a difficult job and so on, shitting children all over the streets and finding it difficult to keep their hands to themselves, complaining about me and blabbing of getting the better of me at the same time.

I do get told I never really state what it is about and yes it has always been about money and I have been pulled out of University studies to sit about reacting to their stupidities because they were planning to trade and make fame and fortune with my Public image, its just a matter of how much they want things all together as it were; so what has made it into public problem is the number times that an idiot will get up at Government buildings to claim their civil rights looks like that, then show up here to complain about the bottom hurting as well pretending to have power that will control me wasting my time. Then we hear of the point where I will show respect to women which is nothing unusual as I am aware tackling their search for easy life is an old story when I was a child and my dad taught me to think about getting opinion from women on how I was getting along with life and then as I grew older was making strange statements about crimes people commit which they did not need to, simply because they did not think that women mattered, at the time of which I was young so I thought he was talking about the whole civil rights money loving criminal madness thing they claim adds up to their freedoms but it wasn’t, it was referring to the fact cowardice is a habit that you pick up from Liberal idiots who have planned a life on your wallet and tend to show up around your concerns passing insults at you because they think they have some male prerogatives that puts them in a position where their easy life seeking stupidities will add up to a process where a society will go from prioritising the needs of women and children to one that listen to them because they have been destructive enough i.e. in context of that big mouth blabbing about where I would not say what I say because the last time they saw me on the streets they drove by fingering my bum. So I am here successfully reaching an agreement with women on staving off my earnings while I get around my concerns while they set out their foolish gits who like their money and lifestyle on my earnings and public image because they believe claiming I sleep with peoples wives and beating up the women solves the problem of making them less angry for years of exclusion from Public affairs. I would fancy they had stopping showing up around my Books and had stopped trying to split the literary empire between me and their stupidities to get what they want; its an old story about what they spend their time on before we hear those useless tales of wealth inequality that wants me to be one of them all the time show up and those threats are good so far as long as mine has not yet become a fully developed campaign against their search for easy life and male prerogatives as well. They say I do not wish people well but the detail is that they have now spent the money they made tackling me because their Politicians were supporting them, to seek City life enjoyment and now that they are near broke they wish to win a fight before it is all over and as I have mentioned before, I really love the sales and fighting bits that soon gets them complaining about the existence of those who are not supportive of people that are fighting for civil rights as well; the deal is that I have been pulled out of my academics to sit about reacting to them and the outcome is that they have spent most of what they have seeking easy city life that will be full of decadence and get their gurus chasing my private parts to let them own my Public image without success and this is the detail of me not wishing people well, should I omit the part where they are fighting for their lives because I am a new kid on the block even when I am older than they are.