Of course it isn’t true at all that I spend a lot of time making myself credible; what is true is that people know where my books are and assume a right to be seen turning up around it to make a mess and check if racists and gangs are copying them and it is not the only pushing into gangs so my aesthetics can be deployed to do violence that make their stupidities feel safe and secure and they simply have to work for and secure what they want in life and of course the financial problems that come with doing that which they have created for me and like to run on media along with their foolish children who are just as disobedient – they say they have a history and are not moral people and also that they want to move into my life and live there while I deal with their problems and they get good feelings that their age deserves and so on and not enough have died yet especially the blacks. They say the content of the books annoy them and I say it is not hurting badly enough yet as it were.

It’s much like that talk populous Politicians love so much about changes to the constitution; they had long detached themselves from the Country and wish to pay for the discomforts of living in a Geographical area that they have not adapted themselves to and have refused to do so with money, such as if they had changed the adult age from 18 to 25 so big children might live at home so they can feel powerful, they will have to worry about the bills, so they can get that from the treasury while the Country and its weather for instance which causes the heating and electricity bills to go up, have no meaning to them, adding new flavour to their violent and criminal disobedience; so that since it seems we have never spoken of it in that way the fact the Monarchy exists means people can damage my property and make up reasons to attack me as they might please, do it to a point where it creates it’s on state of affairs and sub culture and develop a group of gang idiots that like to think they tell me what to do at home and claim my fame on media and that is what they want to do with themselves which brews the sense the part that will lead to trouble will certainly be the bit where we have to live as though we are waiting somewhere for them to do things to the rest of us as it were with that big mouth and so if everybody knows it belongs to me, it will belong to another when they tell me what to do with violent insults and claim my public life on media with violent insults both of which I could do without and happens every single second to avenge the effects of my good deeds and is completely relentless as if the devil isn’t paying the price for his own activities so they have to do it for him with their own hands and if I catch them moving into my right hand or having a new Country at an expense of mine they have no paid for or use without permission, something I said, some lifestyle they copied even at this point of daily damage from them, there will be even more trouble than they have already seen all together – I will make them squirm again but at a greater instance.  They had detached themselves from the Country their parents brought them into and need to pay the price not change any constitution to settle on those they want to become; get off the media and turn up if they have the guts for it.

Where the story of how I make no progress financially fits is of course that need to turn up on media and government to damage my business by creating the wrong impression about it all the time that becomes violent enough to try and scare people because it wants to replace facts and reality and the reason I don’t target them directly is because the whole mess of their involvement with my finances was developed by Industry idiots being irresponsible and they are the ones that will take responsibility for something over this matter.