So two cases have arisen today and one of them is that of how I have this massive problem with TV Personalities and the other being that I need to resolve an existing problem with Politicians. In terms of the former however of which the case matter remains that each time I prevent people from developing my Public life on account they need money and do not pick up a copy of my Books the way they like to scoop it as well, telling them so of which always leads to an outright fight and career ripping, what happens is that they ensure my Public life ends up in the hands of those I am supposed to be scared of, to ensure it does not make sense when I remind them they are looking for trouble but cannot actually fight me; they however make this case of how all I do is oppressive but of course like we see that all their power is about other peoples alimentary canal where their disobedience is most powerful, what they do with their time is cause people to complain of something being done to them because those who do is know and understand that they do not have the money or the time to resolve it at the Law Court which will continue until there is a retaliation, so that the perpetrators might become the ones that head up to the Law Courts all together and somebody therefore had to take a stand and tell them to stop or make them, which is what I have done; there is nothing repressive about it, they live in a dream world and all I am saying is that they need to pick up copies of my Books the same way they enjoy scooping my acumen and Public life like an obsession on a daily basis otherwise face a reality where real trouble is coming to them as well; I have been clear I have had enough too thereof. the Politicians on the other hand wish to do nothing else but provide leadership for every goon that wants to be able to take up the effects of this disobedience, in order to do distant sexual abuse that puts a stop to people enjoying a life they have worked for, the reason being that they have no plans to work for their money because it does not tally up with the lifestyle they have chosen and are always showing up at the City centre for it too; of which I believe that if I kept it going like I am at present distracting them from making any of that money which when they do have any constitutes one of my biggest problems, this condition might just end up becoming a permanent feature of their stupid lives – as it is never clear why people expect profits to turn up on their Tables magically when they have not been doing any work at the Offices of their businesses they use for only the purpose of making trouble for others, first of all if the money was so important and then also if they are aware they have just come through a recession. I hear that I say such things because I am not keeping up with what they are doing in the City, which is utter nonsense; my actions are said to be repressive because they suppress my income everyday on account they have chosen what they want to work for on and it has nothing to do with how they should be earning their money; hence Politicians have only this one ace up their sleeves of spending tax payer funds on them via crooked means, so they can turn up on Media to have a go at me in order to double and triple it at the markets etc and it will get to a point where I take that away from them as well. Speaking of my activities being repressive of which there is really no such thing; I do not care what these people’s needs are at this stage anymore, what I want to see them do if they are interested in their freedom, is to stay off my case and restore my finances the way they found it or leave me alone to do it myself, as there is no way in hell that they will deploy that stupid money as leverage on Media by which they can become more important than I am if they have a bit of practice – as for me being clear on one hand and being forthcoming with these matters on the other; in terms of being clear, it is always a case of how these people cannot stop telling lies, especially ones about how those who want to share other people’s property in a condition where they did not ask are exercising rights whereas everybody knows that the fuss they make of it right up to National level will have made them inferior all together because it is all about how somebody else has something they don’t, which we always see them follow on with a story of how that will not be the case when the powers of the crowd is on their side – it is usually the stage where they tell me I speak of these matters as though I really can handle them, whereas the reality has always been a simple case of Mr A who has bought a BMW saying he will buy a Porsche same time next year depending on how he uses his BMW to make money because it is something others have not got, amounting to theft if somebody does not provide economic leadership, which then makes even more sense of those stupidities we see on Media all day long talking nonsense about having a new Country and how things should be done in a Country and having had not a foggiest clue what they are talking about. As for being forth coming in this matters all together, it is still the only tale of being forth coming when they love telling some much lies and why they need to pick up copies of my Books the way they love to scoop my public life every time I work for it, having not a foggiest clue what it is used for to talk nonsense about oppression when I show them what it is used for and attempt to force them to do with it that for which it was meant, as I have had enough of them as well- need to leave me alone generally. Global wealth has to be account for each time they rip up people’s property in order to make sense of what they have chosen to work on with a process of earning from it thousands if not millions, which we all know is more often than not another human being, it will not do to give some to celebrities to make a show and continue to turn up to abuse and screw up my health with everyday ; these are the things that have become popular from the point of view of the sensible person as well – and they have only just stopped clowning around.