There should be the intended effect by now, where they got off to the Publicity that draws attention to their wealth inequality problems but I do get told the effect exists already, only they have not been doing Publicity because I did shut that down too and so sometimes I have this need to see it in order to afford myself some affirmation due to the extent of their media insults but the case still stands either way; its an Arch Prince and definitely not their mate.

They always boast about getting the better of me all the time which is utter nonsense, they do not; what happens is that they have this aspiration to make me tired of life itself and it is linked to involvement and familiarity to a stage where having a livelihood and a family and friends is in another person’s hands, for the purpose of their self-advancement, about which they do have an outlook obviously, hence their families are unaware that I have to tolerate their nonsense every day for most of the time. It is not a crisis for me as such if I can make something of myself on grounds that to have a Public image, they will have to be nice otherwise the way they pursue their media and fame freak careers is by insulting people.

It still goes back to the sorts of things they find amusing of a very abusive kind; so in my case I am a Christian and getting a Christian to react to being pinched is fun but since they do not care much about money using money as a tool does not work unless you are willing to go as far as to make them homeless and then the prospect of getting a reaction will be increased but then again which making people homeless is not fun like we see them wish I had finished the academic work so I do not become some a problem for them and their stress levels as well everyday but before then it was a tale of showing up at University to play with the old Man that can prepare his own wild and free food and making me smell like my loo until the bullying kicked off and I dropped out and they were real men, which is still happening as we speak, hence the reasons I should never tone it down.

They do boast about softening me up at Politics since last I built a Literary empire with those property equity their politicians wanted to confiscate for public use in order to make people and themselves richer but they have not; what they have achieved is a process of finding a space on media where people will tolerate the fact they are done, finished and have no future, need to hang up the hat and retire and the reason was that I had only just finished with the big companies on showing I am not trying to make money from the shadow their businesses have casted around the world, then I got stuck with them immediately after and a plan they had to get rich by insulting me all day long. Much the same as they say I have really lost the stomach for it while reality is the same case where if people could, they would organise a conference for consumers after a recession and it would be seminar upon seminar about the product, so those who wanted to stay would and those who did not want to stay would go else where but they decided they had found kids to use instead, surrounded me with daddy insults and big brother bullying handling my work and thus income illegally and blabbing on Media about it too, so we find its become a matter of making their deals with Politicians and trying not to wind me up, no such thing as being softened up but there are a lot of threats from their boys, which is just an old story about having a tough day and on the train meeting an idiot that mutters nonsense about you picking up jobs the daddies should be doing only to complain about it later thus needs shut it generally and these sorts of insults will be how they maintain the neighbourhoods and ensure those stupid children are passing exams in school the whole time.

Feeds into the racism where they say mine is a position of quasi complicity, while we all know racists are mentally ill people and it’s the type where it is something specific that triggers it and they have said it’s a matter of race but its an old case of mentally disturbed person feels pushed to do more and more academic work which means he ends up doing very well in school until the time when he must have a relationship, then its obvious he may just get sectioned – much the same as the racists whose words you can understand well, whose actions make sense perfectly but do not know how to respond when provoked and it becomes such a massive responsibility for the families to keep them under control, not something you pick up at University and blame somebody else for dropping out as a result of except if you are blaming those who big brother and daddy insults force it on you and can never have enough like myself. So we see their version of racism at Government Office naturally and everything that has to do with ageist Public appearances ripping up your life and thinking he influences you so much he will never be punished so it becomes a matter of fun, about which nothing has ever been solved by racism at Government Office, hence people do it because they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing – the Media and Celebrity ones will be the bits that want to be famous with the racists from the neighbourhoods which can be arranged, save the threats are a matter of their big mouth wagging. So generally we all hear them brag especially the blacks of beating up my people all the time but we know as well that it has become a full time job for their big brother insults to spy on me and get me fighting myself and copy my fighting ability to do something about my people by and this may only continue until I build them that Army that wants to beat them up over the culture and society stupidities all together, not withstanding of which if they put it in my face I will certainly ensure they saw it for the last time as well.

They do claim my parents have never loved me and that was the main problem which is utter nonsense as I have gone from Men tackling me because getting involved with me made them feel better than the relationship they had with their children which added up to a case of giving with one hand and taking away with the other, to end up with botched academic work and financial complications alongside a story that my parents never loved me. So, it hangs up like an atmosphere they depend on to do well at school and as they do my bottom hurts all day long too, blabbing until I burst it all together. It feeds into the business of writing career where their Media jobs means a name to their face and a Book on my Public image to make money and teach me a lesson but have not been able to show or explain why they think they should be selling what they know, alongside a Media job that pays the Bills. What they do is tackle my own where the Publisher has created me a crowd to work but I cannot have my Office and Public image in peace lest they are punished for violating my patents and rights; we have now reached a point where they are reporting how Politicians want to control me and my Books as well due to the problems they have created over it since I got it published and it is all coupled with a process where they actively perform activities which ensure that the crowd becomes smaller and smaller every day. So for me it has become a case of what I may take from them which has the same effect as a writer not being able to keep a quality quiet atmosphere that facilitates an understanding that people show up at his business to buy the Books that they read and so they are now looking after their stress levels too while I am going to start picking up their social media profiles so each day they do damage I can snipe their careers too. They do come through eventually to say that I have a problem with authority and it sounds like the devils knows what the impure thoughts inflicted on you by community croons looks like regardless of whether they are made to be good looking because their jobs involve processes of fame; when it started years ago, it was usually a two part story where they said that I masturbated and it was the reason for my problems, when that does not have effect then the reason for it will immediately change after a barrage of bullying to one where I did not masturbate and therefore deserved it; in the end they are big brothers and can decide whom they wish should have a problem with authority hence very rich nonsense coming from people who think what goes on outside of their four walls is about their civil rights. It is always fun to be made and bullies into a character that has a problem with authority until they had damaged something important and you had become very unyielding; in my case after a decade I have reached a stage where blaming the failure cannot be linked to my responsibilities any more and they are still here. I mean the content of my Books are things written by somebody who is trying to get away from a fight that should make others feel at home, a matter of Publicity important people on media build for themselves to make their way in the world with when it becomes an acumen later on and my career is flushed down the loo as the what I have to do to clear it out is incredibly expensive. So now that they have reached a point that lets them experience the same levels of stress they levy on me at work so people can chase my bottom and develop history that lets them screw with the public work, the way they did with me at University, hence they only need spend 30 minutes in a studio and they want to go home, they have gotten a fair idea of what the price of their fun is; reason that I cope being that I am serious about it, reasons they do not cope being that the fun item in all this that serves them puts up the hormone levels. They point out a case for the price of tyranny all the time which has no place here as I am usually happy not chasing money to pay bills and losing fortitude that lets me get along with a Public that is not necessarily full of moral people, rather than get off an Arch Princes Office and chase money which goes round in circles but these idiots must have careers and lifestyles that are based on getting a reaction from me which is to do with destitution and obscurity, so as to build means to having what they want at the same time as well – it’s just me getting active and the busy body opportunists that churn my tummy are never far from the lies and complains in the same measure as well. they wrecked the money and cannot now work a narcissism that is stuck with Royalty whose money they wrecked – in the years I have been thinking its my fault I dropped out of University because they chased my bottom and the lecturers played up practical jokes, I could have sold my Books but they had a different idea from the rest of us concerning a process of seeing property in public that they have not paid for or obtained permission to handle. The story about my tyranny has always been a simple one; the whites wreck the finances and then set about attacking me because I am a Prince without money and they have invested their lives in some narcissism associated with the status of my Royal Office – the blacks need to control my life and create communities where they were leaders and I was doing as they demanded, to look after black peoples civil rights and fight racism and cannot stop handling my person and finances for it which will end very well too – so there is that brief period where they had started and can never stop lying which gives way to the criminal communities being interested and every abuse levied at me is always deployed as a form of acumen because I have state provided security; hence they will expect a speech from a Police Officer for instance, after they had made themselves into the job that needs to be done and claim I am the one being a tyrant.