A Few facts and matters have been worked in detail here, I have made it so as this is my Administrative renaissance site and effectively an inventory of Divine and Human effects at the Royal Office. This applies Globally and effects a process of consequence for all who are too quick to work out the fate of other human beings, in the belief that the assumption they hold true to themselves, that they always get what they want and always want what other people already own which is how the Eye thus covets is primarily linked to reality.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.


I am told that i have many enemies and its utter nonsense too – partly fostered by some Royals, what really happens is that the Girls will get beaten up by the Boyfriends if the quota of Popular culture riches is not met, hence plug into my income margins and get some for which they built me a public image and left me inundated with gangs, criminals and idiots with an adage, never mind the fact if I don’t co-operate the Boyfriends will attack me anyway, which makes my whole life toxic: so the Boyfriends never keep it shut and we can never be free of abuses that get me to respond because it destroys my earnings, meaning I cannot back it up in the real world as well – about to push me one more time and then will I do or say something that will commit me to deadline as well.

They do claim it’s about making me share what I have and I believe its clear at this stage they need to get a Book. Claims its how I interfere with rich people as well is one that they are about to explain, as per whether it is respect that gets me getting involved with a Royal Hermitage to perform stupidities with money that adds up to an improper or incorrect investiture, then get off hanging around somewhere with other corrupt State Operatives, copying a Royal Hermitage to feel as if they have got it too, their stupid ego being more important than anything else on the Planet, looking for more of what they are complaining about.

They do claim its the Price I pay for wanting to control people so intensely and its utter nonsense as I rather think it is filial vandalism to try and control them for any reason especially if it be your business to - what happens is that they come to the UK with Fatherland stupidities they got from overseas and the Public place sensibility in the UK does not matter because its a case of which one has a penis, none is stopping them travelling off to other places that will be more comfortable as we speak, we are just living in hell while their foolishness gets out of hand at our expense, talking nonsense about which power was used to solve our problems. They do claim I believe I know what I am doing but do not naturally because its their British friends that got them travelling to the UK and its an old story where their British Friends refers to goons about whom I would want nothing to do with if I got involved with society, nothing to do with if I got involved with City centre people and nothing to do with if I got involved with Celebrities and Popular culture, the idiots who passed the exams in School while wrecking mine, about which we see that even when its about a CV bearing my name in front of them and we were talking about a Job role, its stupidities will be about pushing me and prodding me concerning its no talent stupidities telling me what to do with what happens around me, on grounds of its superiority being based on something I am not yet ready to do with myself but are still not satisfied obviously; it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, needs bear in mind that one more testing insult from their stupidities will get me saying or doing something which Commits me to a deadline as well, I am going to get down there as it were.

I do get told the way I talk about it sets out the idea its an insignificant issue but it really is; if they say they will never stop berating me in public places if I do not get myself a qualification and a job that makes them proud of me, after wrecking University studies to get the jobs that have made them superior for the last decade so far, the truth of it is that I am not ready, I am not prepared, its none of their business and they are superior to nothing, do not get to tell me what to do if I don't have a CV placed before them and so on but they are starting to get on my nerves in a way that will earn them a response as it were. Needless to say if it follows me around at the Academic institution for it again, I am going to ensure they regretted both occasions of having done it. Its all part of people not seeing anything wrong with living with their terrible personal decisions in terms of their Communities sending them out to run me down all the time.


Several times every day we find this nonsense occur where they sit around on Media and Social Media expressing something of Daddy being very displeased with my activities and wanting to teach me a lesson – I could never make it out anyway since most of their stupidities are largely a matter of what they had developed on Media to play practical jokes with but it is becoming serious enough to ensure I took the business of keeping them from pushing off avenues unto my concerns where they lay down a pipeline for practical jokes enough for a lifetime and then I had to spend quality time trying to get rid of it – it means I will never get to start the completing of my academic work and I will never get to start the running of my Book sales properly; so this business of getting on Public places to express nonsense about being displeased with a kid that sends my stress levels through the roof is really about to get the response its threatening stupidities push off at me all the time and I have made it quite clear as well, the day I attend a Book signing event and ended up picking any of their security problems because I introduced myself as an Arch Prince will be the beginning of the end for the posh neighbourhood hoodlum stupidities in this Country as well. I understand Politicians have a part to play in this matter but that refers to the more relevant bits of this nonsense which means when Industry people get around with Hoodlums in the backyards of their Establishments, Politicians decide every time how it follows you around at University and get on Public places to claim your response is a hate towards Ministers and in my case I am specifically regarded as the architect of hatred for women in the UK, especially if Women worked in Government and if I denied it, what is happening around them says otherwise with that big mouth they have got. So it still goes back to the destruction of my academic work now that it is not the 1980s when they were shinny people singing songs with Freddy Mercury because Society people got off on an angle right down to average Taxi drivers having opinions all the time – the academic work was destroyed because following me around at University really was a matter of being able to tell me what to do all the time and so I wanted to peddle their culture and society so I might tell them what to do all the time as well, which the Politicians stopped me from doing, hence began the smell issues and the dropping out bits which have become their answer for all money issues since, looking for more of what they are complaining about; we also know the split personality their insults cause me to exhibit gets them complaining more than everybody else, when I take out a day job and a Prince should not be working, when I have no money and I am not worthy to be one. They claim it’s the way people fight my corner all the time and I understand that they prefer I did not have state provided security as well, it is however not their decision to make – the threats they issue will be their undoing, it has always been as simple as keeping from my Books and not following me around especially at school.

I am told what is happening to me is bullying and its not, just series of incredibly stupid attempts at it – we know they have spent all their time on it and the more serious part is now the bits where they want to make money from it as well. The Politicians speak of how they run the Country but people like me think Monarchy does while that is not what we get when we go to the Civil service, when we go to Customs and excise and all those Government department we make arrangements with when we sort out our supplies and the ways we support our daily concerns, so it means the old business of getting me to publicly acknowledge that they were in charge and the last time they were done with tales of how Religion was a farce and also the source of all the problems in the world, they ended up with situations in which people thought they had said Murder was perfectly alright and did not have the brain capacity to come up with the moral Political alternative thereafter fooling around. The point is that they think we are on the same side while we are not – there are culture and society trouble makers and people with a tendency to commit crimes, who exist between me and them, so everything outside of this Hermitage is harsh but if I got through it, at the other end are Celebrities to get around with but it will be a very different lifestyle – it comes up with a test for me everyday so it can continue to churn my tummy and grab certain parts of my work that will help its stupidities win election perpetually and claims I refuse to acknowledge its stupidities as the thing that runs the Country, while the Media and Celebrity goons mock and abuse all day, meaning I have issued threats to rip up the Celebrity culture and it does appear I am really going to live up to them as well. We find the bullying bits to be that in my minds eye there is an image placed there constantly whereby the guys had grabbed my Public image and placed it on the doorstep of everybody, so everybody may have it and feel important as well and because they earned the support of their daddies who run a  culture and society that thinks about getting good looking people to stand naked in public places while idiots rummaged their body parts, it leaves me smelling of what I ate every time I step outside of my door while they blow off their big mouth on Media about their criminal history and a need for social equality with it – the older ones take it a step further and we find that I had chosen a bad neighbourhood to work my Books in because it would allow me access to what was happening in the real world with respect to my interests and they complain about the security issues I had executed while their Children build community fools with an imagination that gets up my anus to play with me and tell me what to do all day long, soon progressed to a matter of how they will have everything if only they could ensure HM was no longer able to protect me, yet again conjuring possibility of the same result where I had threatened to tear up that foolish Celebrity culture and am really going to have to do it as it were. Then there is the question of Europeans who are the worlds best suckers when it comes to draining peoples public image for industrial conveniences; the theory they have being that either which direction I chose, they would get the better of me anyway, the reality rather being that while busy with it, they can see that if I spent most of my time on Celebrities, I was wasting it; so I am doing my best on social media and they are aware of it especially with respect to their behaviour when they travel to the USA.

I am told that the problem was a case of everything I need and do relying on others and I could never understand it anyway when they say I must drop out of University and spend time fighting enemies as if I am naïve of what evil really looks like, which enemies I have got to fight like that in the first place – I like to say it continues because they hold to an opinion that enough have not yet died over it, bearing in mind more so that somebody has placed a gun over their heads making them to agree with what I say or follow my leadership the last time we checked. The Politicians will speak of getting me to have debates with people being impossible but I cannot make out what debates can be had with people that are so steeped in their corruption like they are at Parliament anyway – take care work for instance where we know average care workers they speak to with show the buntings and the large nice Cake baked for the occasion but what happens behind the scenes that is that care workers clean peoples poo for a living – then as a Government operative you enjoyed the buntings and Cake and must now take into account a way in which you conduct your affairs, such that if care workers faced a stressful day and decided to push back according to their profession it would not lead to an outcome that endangered their lives and then add up how 15 years of co-operating with the every whim of a group of idiots while introduce themselves to others by building a crowd of fellow idiots that plan a living on other peoples wallets, turning neighbourhoods on its head, would facilitate such leadership and allow us to have a meaningful debate on the Care Industry at Parliament. I am resolved it is now quite clear, the next time they interfere and make a slightest mess for me at the academic institutions, especially when I want to peddle the culture and society of these goons for a living as well, I am really going to try ripping up their whole Political parties to see what doing so changes as well. Then there are the blacks whom I pointed out would have killed off all the reasons people were homosexuals on this planet once they had confiscated my Hermitage – at the time I said they said it was one of things they will do, now we know they get off with their dirty faces on media to claim they owned me while I had dropped out of University due to their familiarity and each time I face matters that the University tools would have aided me with and have to pass it up, become angry and frustrated, I bump into a case where they had made it impossible for me to breathe making those stupid insulting statements and handling my person because we shared the same race.

So I am told that people would love to solve my problems if they knew what it was but I have no problems whatsoever – what happens really is that the Office of an Arch Prince was always going to be challenging but each time I seek out those processes that help me make some cash to pay off invoices what I am faced with are opportunities I pass up because of the academic work these goons wrecked in order to be able to play Daddy and Boy while seeking the fortunes in the City, outcome being that the Daddies have their security guard jobs to mess around with while I do not have the physical abilities for it and have to patch on with a business of finding that each time I have a task, I either have to wait for a process where the system I am involved with was worked right up to a stage and then I get to do the job at my level of qualification or I get somebody to fill in for me, both of which means I am constantly in a process of property equity broker for survival as a result; then they realise they cannot spare my their insults and Media comments while I am at it and the business of picking up the fact I had taken up residence in a poor neighbourhood to help me write my Books as a tool that ensures they can see I am no longer protected by the Monarchy, talking nonsense about how they got their stupid selves into leadership positions since, the achievement being the business of getting me into a condition where I try to make a living where they had the advantage to do better, as stupidly as possible – so it seems we have come full circle now that they have to chose between giving me my space and solving my problems, as we can see nothing is stopping me getting into an academic institution to get the academic work done, save the fact I smell like what I ate because of their foolish attention being showered on me – I had come to my own decisions on the matter as well i.e. they have thought that once they ensured the Crown could no longer protect me, it will be finished and now they know they have to choose between letting me be or getting a reaction that completely destroys their Celebrity culture, we have come full circle on the issue. They boast about detaching me from Royal privilege but there is nothing wrong with my privileges or any of it in waiting as such; just the fact when I am off to find some cash that will help pay my involves, these are the challenges and we also know when it comes to getting somebody to fill in for me for example, I may have a Fashion Models’ Coven because their Photographers and those who make Films for their career are usually in good terms with me, I end up in a titanic battle to provide for the structure because of the sheer number of idiots making parties and fun from the business of taking pictures of their stupid selves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image, same as my Court being free for all, only for me to be constantly attacked by fools that have been poorly affected by a relationship that they do not want to have with others. Hence I am told that I don’t think they matter in anyway but what we know is that they introduce themselves to me by telling me they want to investigate what I put in the toilet and then after a while I smell like what I ate because they built a community on it to ensure their foolish Celebrities were making money insulting me all the time and inform me their stupidities know what their place is and I need to mind my business – so we have not had anything in the form of an explanation concerning why they introduce their stupid selves to me in that way all of the time, what we know is that I have expressed feelings that indicate I will certainly try hurting them seriously if they preferred handling me for the smell instead of stopping it, to see what doing so would change as well.

I am asked a lot about this sense I have never really pointed out if I thought this was racist behaviour but it is not  racist behaviour as such or more a matter of there being several types of such things but we can certainly say the one that always comes up with a story to tell and screams above your head so you cannot hear what you are saying to each other anymore is racist, the others are more a matter of people who had great plans for themselves and somebody ruined it and I look like I had opened up a new world, not that this is enough for two as such but just the hope that there is something else out there is what they are interested in.


It is said that the nature of my sexual activities are somewhat of a problem, especially for when I got closer and closer at the Monarchy than where I am now. I really have no sexual behaviour or habits as such, it’s all a front to ensure people can rip up my academic work and finances to get me spending my days responding to the stupidities of their culture and society, so they might get sex off my public image and personality and then money at the markets after that, as stupidly as possible. They always claim that I liken their behaviour to extremists and racists but it is hard to see the difference when they take free speech if I did something unusual and somebody said they were thinking of it which is usually good for their confidence and then turns it into a point of  violence and war, talking nonsense of how others keep their popularity and their money all the time. We are now at a point where they are complaining about the sex and how it prevents them from making the most of an existence they had already made a mess off, so I suppose we have come full circle and if they do not disturb me at this Hermitage they will have nothing to worry about, besides which I have had to avoid talking about it since the tendency is that I will end up encouraging some form of extreme violence. I personally do not think it is okay to take my clothes off in front of my own friends, if I have to bathe in a communal setting, there is nothing to say that I have to take all of my clothes off either – it is the stuff of war and crime tackling to see people naked, hence there is no sexual behaviour for the Monarchy to worry about.

I understand it is said that I have a lot of enemies at the British Monarchy, who are out to get me, but I have no idea what it really means. What happens is that I get bothered by culture and society trouble makers who chase my bum until I drop out of University so they might make use of my personality, as if dropping out of University was a simple thing and when I fill their heads with what I am doing lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities like that all the time, the results are that they become a bit gay, so when they wish to shoot off some very violent lasciviousness for it, I can then set about building them publicity that will put them in demand for very filthy popularity culture that will further make the gay thing worse while the Public gets to love them for the insults and the gossips – once I had done that, another group of idiots with Media jobs will lend them those jobs, so that the fact I had done it will be something that has been done every day, which is tiresome and churns the tummy. The part that causes the most problems of course is that they are not Royalty and whilst they have developed a civil rights of insults to add to the fact they already had racism in their society, by which they tell me what to do and how to exist until they got used to it, its not clear why mine bothers them to such an extent if they are complaining about it more than I do and want their own lives to be easier either way, which it comes to it of which I am only interested in whether or not they had bought a Book that I had written and I had to deliver it to their address and not what their stupid problems were. So the idea I am putting a brave face on what is really a dire situation for me is utter nonsense – these are people that HM does not want anything to do with at the Monarchy, always likely to be some sort of dirty old men characters as such, so we are now unable to deny that when they start their gimmicks it largely usually begins with spying on somebody, making a mess of their diet and spreading it around to churn the tummy and where it applies to me, its mostly a matter of wanting to make a living or make money from the perks of my Arch Prince’s Office, showing up to tell me what I must do to make Celebrities important and rich all the time but then again which I have no idea what it has to do with some journalists or fame freaks telling me what to do over it anyway when they have no business with Royal Office, which is not to say I am not happy they were getting involved to help bear the burdens like the Royal Public image that they have continued to insultingly insist that they can afford. For my part, I am not doing anything with authority that is not mine, so I have no reason to worry about hate at the Monarchy whether or not there are some channelled at me – then again which its not hate of hate per se, its for instance something to do with the females spending time fooling around and soon they get stuck with stupid black men who want to do something about the wicked things men like me think women should be able to get away with and then they show up to fight for me and think I am sloppy at Royal work, naturally which if it annoys me I will say something of their cynicism but then its not a do or die affair either. In the end it’s the same case that has persisted for as much as their need to pretend when I tell them that if I get my hands on the culture and society they will see it for the last time, I am probably bluffing or the need to make a case of these matters at the Monarchy as affects me with a media job that helps them ensure that there is too much of it by repeating it over and over and over every single minute of the day filled in to make people tired or the business of fame idiots turning up here to make an announcement about the fact I am suffering tummy ulcer and haemorrhoids with respect to how they expect me to deploy a Royal Office for the purpose of telling them they were very important, about which if they gave me another description I would have gladly taken it but in the absence of any, I will continue to stick with the fact they are a handful of fucking famous idiots. The others who never give this matter a rest in the same way are obviously the homosexuals and they would like to say that majority of people who attack homosexuals are homophobic while they go around making a mess of it and churning tummies, bearing in mind that it is not unusual for homosexuals to tell lies – so homophobic has not yet appealed to them as something that is similar to serial killers who murder women and prostitutes i.e. that there is a sensation associated with it and it is usually a competition between them to kill or harm homosexuals because when one person had done it, the victim is no longer alive for it to be done by another. Apart from which any other hate issues will be the Politicians having taken up what I have said here and made it into a Government issue like they do everything else in order to ensure their stupidities was as profitable as can be and it’s the same case all round that when that stage comes when they need to blow it off and it’s a matter of getting a fuck, we know that we wonder why fucking the all round good egg on the outside Politicians was but as the fucking progresses, we find that they are terrible human beings – the Industry ones will be the one that the fucking progresses until wrecking peoples lives, blaming the victims and then making up processes of trading in a way that makes such messing things profitable becomes far more obvious as a behaviour they exhibit because they were rich by being stupid – the celebrities will be the one where as the fucking progresses it becomes obvious that the purpose of most work place activity is to ensure people are delivering services to the homes that need them to and getting their own delivered to their homes as well.

Now they say I am a coward and that this was the main problem but I wouldn’t know anyway, since they are usually less interested in talking about the fact they respond to public matters violently because they do not know what I know and I hold a higher Office for those of them who have some role at the Monarchy, to which extent they are idiots basically and the same way people do not interfere with their own is the way I do not want mine interfered with too; they have always done this gimmicks about Community croons beating me down in my bedroom so they might threaten and attack me because they think I am weak enough for it, follow me around and claim my body type should be doing violent things to keep children like them safe or they will do it while I lost everything I had as insultingly and provocatively as possible, the have Country and have no Country bits have always been the means by which they can ensure it is difficult for me to detach myself from basic concerns and get myself interested in doing something brave to look after other people, while they then set about chasing up my right to get into a relationship with the opposite sex because they want to preserve the most beautiful ones for their stupid selves and pillage my property to make the money that looks after their foolish lifestyle, it might then be wise to look closely again at those repeated stupidities about me being a coward as I am never going to pick it up whenever I want to, especially the bits about how everything I do is what racists and football people should have been doing, being the corner stone of their foolish Celebrity culture, popularity and media insanity all together. The women love to make out they want to get into a relationship with me and I am never interested while time and again I put myself out there and they never get in touch, so since they are more sexually experienced than I am, I assume they already know it kicks off at Pornography when they fancy themselves a handful of bullies in such ways and I am sure they will not be getting off making or trying to make decisions about where I can go if I thought Pornographers were not necessarily bad people i.e. to explain the main point has always been these sorts of insults leading outcomes where sex workers who are selling their best made plans for living have mine tangled up with what they are doing, so I am sure we can all be civil in the matter and not tell me where I am meant to go when I think they are not necessarily an ill of society or public living; I mean it does tend to suggest that I am immune to them deploying my best made plans for sex work but we know each time it happens it happens with a sense of fear and respect, incomparable to these idiots grinding my meat as disobediently as possible and as insultingly as possible because they have a fashion Industry and it can depend on me as stupidly as possible if they wanted it to with that big mouth they have. In the end I am told I dominate everything and they do not know where to turn but I don’t, as it does not rely on me and I don’t want it to – I wish to see them suffer for their behaviour and hence have I shut down every route to an exit for it, I am not interested in their problems, only in whether they bought a Book I wrote and I had to deliver it to their addresses – we can all be civil about it as it were.

Some people say they are not bad people and my sense of fear is built up through the paranoia in my mind but when you have set up a livelihood and had people get on media to hide it from the world with a five year history of insults, then make a case of your income margins and set about ploughing that route disobediently everyday, it has gone beyond the question of why exactly they are ploughing it when it obviously does not belong to them, to one of how it does qualify them as nice people altogether.


I understand Popular culture has developed globally along with its Media to a State of having my career covered, bearing in mind the American ones can address anybody they like as it were; They have got my career covered after years of distant and media abuses and a state of affairs built up to oppress their fucking mates with; in the US a Citizen must be born with a certain degree of leverage that allows them to make a certain amount of  wealth with the use of the Country, so when they are black they are caught young and get stuck in civil rights until they are randomly killed, when white they win elections and try hard on global issues and get killed – so for that reason the bloody idiots think this is the US.


All I want from them is where my writing career is left alone by them; not all Books are discussed by its readers, people must have a privacy to read Books and this is my line of business and they will not part with the money that pays for a copy of my Books if I am not selling a Royal lifestyle alongside. The other side of the story they claim is that I talk the talk and they are only asking me to walk the walk; but when I mention Industry goons employing criminals in the neighbourhoods that has got to be talking as it were; not the part where any goon that is able to travel to auto convention goes there to rip up my empire to get rich because that is what Media draws bad attention towards me for; the reality being that since this behaviour of stealing is what black people do at home even with their own children, the confusion is that the rest of the world cannot tell which is which. All I am saying therefore is basically that I may not tell them to stop driving around those stupid cars looking for my anus all day long on account of the lifestyles they have seen and enjoyed by ripping up my Business empire to get rich using Media and celebrity culture but I do not want to see them around my Public image and Public life anymore especially the diplomacy areas – otherwise it is a game I enjoy as well because when people think they have gotten used to it, especially the striking peoples body parts, then ripping up my sales aspect and then have to be shown how to roll it back, I do not have to get off my half priests position to hurt anybody in order to do enough damage to make them comply as they will inflict that on themselves all together. The others who like to claim I made myself out to be a war monger when I am not are just as good as the sense that if I do not show the millionaires their place the lies on account people have access to my market and money to lap it up with, will definitely continue to bottom out my sales and cracked up out of my league to wind me up every day but in their case specifically nobody knows why any would set themselves up as the kind of person that has little tricks by which to go off to stock market and end up with a few thousand, that then allows them to spread themselves all over the neighbourhoods and the internet to rip up my business and make fun doing so all the time but we all know they think when I tell them they can blab about inventing my financial well being and wanting to get into a conversation about which part of industry I created which I then hope to gain from, if they have the fucking guts, they do think I am bluffing.

So they say I am at War with the world but I am not; it’s just reality that people are too fond of reacting in very evil and destructive and violent ways when anything I do brushes them but a little – for me it has become a question of whether what I did was a bad thing of which when it is not, I am right to expect them to ask questions and not issue threats.

It does not mean I discount their success when I say they are stupid but like to think they are clever; it just means I am dumbfounded as per how it would be clever to know just one thing and set out making it into a routine obsession to tell others who know many things more than you do, what to do, all of the time. Hence for those of them that are clever; their crowds are usually made of people who chose what to work on, which is usually another person’s life and property every time they have a task to perform but it is never what they have conversations about when they disagree with me, the one they do is about society and violence all the time and how it will harm and affect me if I interfere with their needs, hence my position being that it will thereof somewhere in hell too – while the former case is as such one that they will never ever get to handle too.

They do say they are fans, which has no basis on reality; the reality is that they are always full of themselves and like to think it will come to no harm for them if they desired or read my Books while keeping a loutish behaviour and so what they have learned to do is get involved with me on the effects of the loutishness which turns my tummy upside down all the time and shows I need to make them stay off my Books and finances by their means or mine.

In the end it’s an old story about being bullied by Evil Men and Evil Women and in my case Civil rights idiots as well and when you do not wish to be bullied by these three groups of people, you can always make a conscious decision not to be. They do say the word evil is broad but it’s a matter of what I purge as people I do not want involvement with when I have gotten a world around me that is run by Politicians who ensure people who come to no good when they are in control are financially better off than I am at my expense and therefore will not stop lying, to stop laying i.e. such Women as keep these kinds of skills and involvement and the means by which they do it with people’s lives and treasure them as priced possessions with which they make their way in the world for instance.

It is never an emotive issue; I do think about doing something concerning this need Politicians have to make stupid people of the general public financially better off at my expense and the damage to my work in the process but in the end if they are financially well off as a people, it actually does not cause any harm, never mind the fact Politicians are actually doing what they are supposed to do in the process. The case here is that we know they are stupid people and all is well when no scumbag shows up to use them to do my public image and my life and my career – journalists like to have a go as though they have got the power and I am not the one complaining – the world is only getting to find out what they will do when they know what I know about everybody else too. 

Its like the racism Politicians complain about at present when they cannot secure themselves a scapegoat with the use of government funds that was their personal property i.e. the fact its about the Country in all of their Europe and the U.S. does not make it any less insulting.

 So it is said that I manipulate people into solving my problems for me which such a statement would have had no foundations on reality anyway, should they have been anything but rumours and lies but then again the reality is still what it is i.e. that society people are in a battle with me because I see the world according to what I hear as well and they have a problem living with the fact the biggest issue is their violent and very abusive gossips and girls that have certain Men they use in sexually because it is the only upbringing their stupid Parents have afforded them, then realise they do not want to be cracked at a later date, become feminists but never ever diminish the behaviour by any degree never the less. In any case practically considering them as a whole, what happens is that they read passages of my Books and make statements about self improvements gained but because the rest of it and the idea of actually owning a copy is too much for them, call me names to try and consummate what they have just enjoyed, which amounts to an individual with no purpose in life that others can clean their filth off on and it is not the only way that these idiots show their free and democratic stupid and shallow joys and naivety on other people’s concerns and property and income either; the first time they started it was all about making me write Books about their culture and society, so they can kill me for making money with it – now it has turned to a stage where my Books do not do anything for anybody and yet we all know that making popular culture albums from abusing a States person with Public duties to perform in order to subsume his Public life does nothing for people or improves people’s lives and yet they have become millionaires doing so – my Books however are just too heavy for them and selling it therefore is a problem because they are trying to read it. It does not mean in any case that my Books do not do anything for anybody either; it is an old story of these fools being the people that hate those who have no respect for the Porsche 911 GT parked up the street, simply because other peoples priorities are different and cannot keep their stupid minds and eyes off how others want to live out an existence, just like their parents do not recognise their fun and games gave rise to a process where all I see is Media and popular culture and all I hear is community croons driving me to depression, when they complain about me as well; so the part that would be a cowards way out would have been when we talk about what their problem with my Books are when they make millions on Music CDs abusing State Office Operatives, if they claim their reasons to be that it does nothing for people and the part that would have been courageous would  have been the one where I got hold of them and bent them into very uncomfortable positions by which they can serve anybody who owns Porsche 911 GT with their stupid lives as it were. Then again in the end it seems the main issue is that people do not actually understand what the character of the person who writes them Books really is and I shall try and make it simple i.e. think of somebody who gets a Royal Commission from a Monarch like everybody else in the Establishment (which is why they are always hearing stories people tell of how my behaviour will help idiots like this squander my inheritance for me, that they have interpreted into power games of doing my stuff, doing your stuff doing stuff we hear all the time, which causes me to kick them instead of their silly fan base as doing so would escalate the problem for the Police that we all know they hate when they start out on their games of being famous but at end of being famous will want to deploy the Police as thugs that hit people for them and play up good cop bad cop thing endlessly being celebrated idiots in people’s faces all the time), then think of the persons inheritance being about duties that are equally split between Church and State and then think about him writing Books to earn his way with it and there is not more to see than that as a whole. Of course I am aware that the case is mainly that my behaviour is unbecoming of such a person but apparently the fact they are famous tends to mean when they see my Royal inheritance they scoop it and get rich with Media and when I offer them Books from it there is a titanic fight that causes wonder if somebody is about to get killed. I know that I can make my Books pay me if I get them off the Royal Commission and Public life but I really do not have an idea how they would like me to do that at this stage. They do also say that I have no respect for other peoples challenges but we all know that it is either I am stuck with overseas cultures from areas of the world where people have the same skin colour as me, in a condition where others are dominant and the local rules in the UK does not apply to my situation, which can also be escalated to engulf white people if those who do it are not satisfied with my response and conduct, then it’s all about my reputation turning up on Media and Politics and Popular culture to be lied about every 24 Hours – so this simply has to be one of the highest degrees of respect for somebody else’s challenges as far as they are concerned as it were. They do throw up the question of why it happens, which reason is as simple as 20 year old living in the same neighbourhood as 40 year old that wants to be able to treat him unfairly all the time but which the biggest question still is what extent their lack of respect for me has to get to, in order for them to behave in such ways. So I win again and it’s all in the diary for reference; never the less there is still the other bit of it which does not show signs of subsiding i.e. we hear the Police complain about people making so much sense – there idiots actually get fun from running passages of my Books and getting their society fools and popular culture fan base of useless people and tramps to make sense of their stupidities to the Public on Media with it; so obviously when it comes to leading these goons in such ways they are top dog but when it comes to other stuff they have not got a foggiest clue – it is not a problem I cannot handle just financially very destructive that I might walk down the streets and come across a tramp who thinks I am nothing unless I believe that a Celebrated fool is a God, only to find them make sense of their stupidities to the Public on passages of my Books with the help of Media curators, it causes anger and lots of it too. They do speak of the Business ones of course and we would be referring to the girl that want to make career as the face of advertisement and therefore does not want the next useless goon that frequents the local train station to follow her about but is happy to rework her view of him into a relationship if it means there is a Moral person in Town that they can work together to take advantage of on grounds she is feminist – their bosses will then bring those stupid companies and put them up around me making use of my products without paying and then thinking that when people want to steal secretes to work for and or get connected with them in order to be rich as well the resulting problem should end up in my Office. Then we hear them issue threats to prevent me from getting them off my Books and Public life which will ensure my Literary work gets to pay me for a change and it does nothing except tell me how to approach the matter whilst I would have rather preferred to chase it up in an academic fashion. I hear them claim it is not really clear what my problem is of course but the reality is that I have provided service that whole families have bought into and because of that set out a certain degree of finances by which to be a part of it and to support my work and because these guys are allergic to work and are informing me that if I took a look at their body type I would see they do well as celebrities, not that I had a choice over what they chose to do with my Trust systems thereof anyway etc on account they are feminists etc and so this is what they love to steal and I know if I can get them off the Book sales and Public life and can ensure my work gets to pay me, I am really wondering how they want me to do it at this point.


 The part about how deviant my living is and how little attention people pay to such a fact is very well understood but has no basis on reality; it’s the same old question about an idiot standing up in parliament to say things I used to think about when I was a teenager who believes I should be made to give up my possessions so he or she can serve himself. So they said that all people like me can do is become so desperate to make money with my religion that I build a church to that effect that they can get into and corrupt and that is what we had put to the test not a case of me being deviant i.e. if I cut them off from their culture and force them to get out there and do something useful with their foolish lives thereby giving me a break from their stupidities, it will be because they have power to dominate me and that it is what they expect I was a Christian put in the world by God to do anyway so it had to be followed with wealth distribution stories lifted from them to ensure when they achieve I share to wipe the stupid mockery off their faces; I mean a general lack of respect for me that costs me financially and academically because they cannot be by themselves, over a period of six years is something that cannot be made up even if you might have had the imagination to, so as it stands, if I see that culture I will cut it up for them again, whatever kind of culture that is supposed to have been anyway. They turn up in the parliament everyday to give public media attention to their idiots whose activities do nothing but destruction whose main daily engagement does nothing to pay bills for anybody let alone themselves at my expense and cannot seem to tame those insults to that effect, reason being that they are always looking for some way of knowing rich people and having products they stack away at home and sell off really quickly to make millions and believe it is not possible to do it unless people are out there attacking me of which anybody that does is given some media credence that says they are super stars and it is this kind of commitment to making sure everything here operates in a violent way they have no plans to discuss if my deviance so called can be a sweeter topic instead, they always say it is a  matter of the kind of Country they want to live in which makes sense of it all as pound for pound item issues i.e. if you are British what is your earning potential as a person none of which gives them the right to get on public places to desire and demand other peoples possessions as violently as they do and they do complain of what I do to their culture and society too which prolonging their presence around me will only see them tout a lot more intensely than they are at the moment; it’s difficult to figure out what sort of insult propels them, what sort of Politics and that stupid need to pile up products and sell them and get rich that makes them turn up at Houses of Government to sit around pretending we owe them a debt or something; we are not mates as it were and they need to leave me alone not discuss the extent of my deviance with a big mouth - in the same way they would not like it if they pile up products somewhere to sell cheaply to rich people so they can sell it quick using my equities and peddling my public work or not, only for me to stand up somewhere and spread leaflets about why people should boycott it which I feel strongly enough about to act on violently, they need to keep their Politicians insults to themselves and keep off my books.

I know they are always asking if the whole matter is going to become a problem anyway – I wouldn’t know, all I said is that they want to talk about what rights their Country bestows on them which means that they can be financially well off than the Citizens of most other Countries in the world but what they show they are really after if my Royal Estate and I am saying they can turn up at my place to get it and cease all that nonsense I have to put up with at Media and Advertisement and the Parliament and all over public places as well; there isn’t a single successful person out there on this planet who did not at some point in their lives take these their activities to heart deciding it had to be dealt with in a very intensely personal way and I do not think I will be unless I do that as well especially on their African friends. 

I know they are always asking if the whole matter is going to become a problem anyway – I wouldn’t know, all I said is that they want to talk about what rights their Country bestows on them which means that they can be financially well off than the Citizens of most other Countries in the world but what they show they are really after if my Royal Estate and I am saying they can turn up at my place to get it and cease all that nonsense I have to put up with at Media and Advertisement and the Parliament and all over public places as well; there isn’t a single successful person out there on this planet who did not at some point in their lives take these their activities to heart deciding it had to be dealt with in a very intensely personal way and I do not think I will be unless I do that as well especially on their African friends. 

I mean it’s the old story of how the question is how good people still get by when the world is full of evil people that have the upper hand either way, the story has never been a magical one but rather the reality that some of us are actually endowed with talent for establishing normalcy and it is time in the west the end comes for the secrecy with which we protect their rights as well – they are too fond of sleeping with Communists to do us up and drive us into war and too fond of sleeping with us to do up the communist to create the same effect but my part piece is the bit where they not only have no principles whatsoever and are loyal to nothing but themselves but also especially the bit where their idea of what they see is that it is theirs if they want it when the reality was that it belonged to others if they didn’t create it.

I understand it is said they have their copy of my literary archives and I will never be free of their needs but of course the reasons I put it on the University Computer was to ensure the story of a mystery around me was curtailed, the result of which was realised in the end anyway i.e. their bone head children passed the exams and chased the best jobs their gay publicity, while I failed mine and they set out to confiscate it: - I did set out in any case that they had the copy of it anyway and I did set out they gave some to the British Establishment in their bid to climb social ladders of course but in the end it is the same old case of fat idiots betraying me the same way they see celebrities do when they complain about paparazzi to sneer those who pity them – so the question is whether fat bitch is that good looking but at the end of day I was built my renaissance by HM and she built me some alliances as well to that effect and I am to use these things to get refreshed when I get down to the duties, what they will do here is get after the one I had before she got interested in me in the first place to a point where I build up one that will refresh me when I feel like kicking them all the time; so of course they have copies of my Literary archives and I am blown away too - but above all the men that helped to savage my academic work so when I was forced to deal with the matter do it with a certain degree of respect for them are now through to hell.


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 So it is said at this point that One is unable to protect himself from a condition where others deploy his property for anything they so please but this is not reality; reality is that my protection of myself is in order, it’s just that I cannot do protection of products by myself without the customers – i.e. when a  product is purchased here, I can provide security equity but I cannot defend the service everywhere when big industries and Media fools and money mad goons want to steal them from the customers, only you the customer can do that but for me doing it for everybody remains a perpetual work in progress in any case by the way.

I understand they say I and there are other still like me who think the US is an extension of my Country and my Country is an extension of the US but it is the biggest load of rubbish in the world; nothing but an old question that needs to be answered around the case of causing yourself to hold government office while you are cash strapped – so that as it stands I have done that deliberately but it has become a global issue over their needs already. They wouldn’t mind going homosexual for the Prime Minister that has never before told them he wants them to do so – it is all a matter of what they can force feed the leaders while they have their hands of things they would not normally have been given so when they take it they are not questioned – then there is my personal favourite where if they have access to power and an office and are able to escape all the responsibility in order to Deploy it to their ends then nobody will ever mess with them, which becomes a need that is more important than the very existence of other people itself; my case has always been that they need to stay off my book sales and my finances and of course keep off the perks of my job and then there can be people who think the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US. I have never really thought it an issue; its the case after case after case of proposition matter; everybody else is rubbish at it, they are the real leaders but cannot get anything done by themselves in any case either and everything must be done by violence on the basis of who can beat up who because they don’t know how to manage even the situations that call for an otherwise eventuality, when it comes to the issue of where to keep their careers with regards to the places in which violent society has situated itself, they are leaders who have not got a foggiest clue how to make that happen and I am rubbish at it while I lead the whole Country out of it on that stupid media where they go to enforce their will all the time and it really comes back down to the fact they have no plans to stop being rude and so you have a conversation with them when you want to and how you want to and when you feel like it, otherwise you don’t their democracy and freedom; its just that on this occasion somebody who thinks the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US is very, very, persuasive and it is not the only thing that is persuasive around here either speaking of which. 


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and a serious business; I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be.

When it is suggested that my work is indicative of fact I am as stupid as bricks I do not know if I should be jubilant or really angry since as far as we know the idiots of our society have continued to maintain their behaviour is the best anybody could possibly get from them in the circumstances especially when help comes from Political office to help extricate profit from it from them too; I have only considered cashing into it as well for what it costs me, which has in turn changed the entire world and I could not care less if it did - it was expensive but entirely worth it.Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

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