I have been informed I am one of those characters that hypocritically try to show that I am concerned about the activities of rich people and its utter nonsense as I am not in any way concerned about the activities of rich people. I am a Hermit and Primarily can find my way around the money associated stupidities of idiots who invent statements like these all the time because they are very evil scum who spend their time working out that any form of wickedness practiced on others randomly on the streets was perfectly okay since if they were wealthy enough the beauty of the wealth would ensure people thought they were good people anyway and hence if such activities are aimed at being wealthy it is legitimate – when mixed with insulting famous idiots blocking my Book sales because they find it amusing and want to reinstate that nonsense about some problems that are never resolved unless somebody had died over it about which I have been chosen, for five years running, we have a real problem and I had begun to think that enough had not yet died for my part in the matter too as it were.

The main social issues are that most wealthy people would like to turn off the wealth making systems they had built, once they had made enough money but wouldn’t dare since others are also using it to support themselves and their families financially – so if you showed them where the trust systems where and the charities were and the community development structures were, they would take it and help people get on the wealth making systems as well. The rest are a bunch of idiots that are always talking nonsense about the idea that if their Companies employ people, it is favour done the Government which should entitle them to take anything they wanted and if those who were in possession of what they wanted were weaker than they are, it should be considered their own already. We are now dealing with those occasions where they have consistently dispatched their idiots with profitable insults to modify our lives and in my case, the goons are stifling my finances by setting out statements that what is happening on my websites and social media is that nobody knows who the hell I am all day long, making my life toxic – never really as issue, just the huge amount of work I will have to do to consort the women over an old mentally disturbed bottom chasing story.

The rest of the time we can never be free of hearing that I wouldn’t say what I say in the City centres while what really happens is that people in the City centres are usually well developed characters – if they had moved to the left, they would have been well developed characters there and do not see a reason to start thinking about what happens with the right and the centre etc, its only when people had gone off disturbing them we find its dirty already as we speak. I for my part am said to be an unusual character but the left and right and centre does not make anything to me – those who consistently show up here to make a mess of my concerns in order to modify my thought process into thinking of it as important because they believe I do not have the capacity to punish the practical jokes are increasingly looking for trouble. I do get told I make it all up off my head but we also know that those who invent the sort of nonsense I have described in this blog spend our time providing criminals and racists with alternative stories that allow them slip away, once those who have been victims of their bullying in the white communities had become racist, then will they decide how those who dare to have what they did not yet to taste or own first in the ethnic minority communities are to respond to it, which stupidities I do not have time for, so they hate my blogs and the fact each time they hang around at market issuing those stupid accusations, what I have written is written in circumstance and therefore means they will have to do the dirty work of encumbering my finances by their stupid selves.