I understand their story about how ways of measuring economic changes are outdated but that is utter nonsense since they would not have been if Politicians did their jobs and not mark out people they will exclude from the jobs they have been elected and paid to do in order to grab their possessions; when you play around with it you describe it as Politician vanity but if you look at it factually, it is blackmail and the reality is that it will never stop and then it gets serious when they get their media fools involved and that is when you can no longer deny its nature because then things start to happen to show you what will occur when you refuse to co-operate. For my part it has always been as simple and seeing them keep off my book sales in order to avoid trouble otherwise we are still a long way off from the case of letting men get involved with my life as it were, for I myself do need to do my job as well for good measure: I mean competition over who is aesthetically the best man because they are older and have had jobs for a while and therefore a certain amount of savings because they love and are really crazy about wrecking people’s lives as it were – I for my part therefore build my peace and quiet around my Office and my person because it is connected with my career and not a place where they do aesthetics competition and personal life self improvements that will ensure they are always using their salaries to get superior and pretend there is somebody here below them that they are stepping all over with a big mouth, and it is not supposed to be the point where their community croons get their beauty sleep my thinking space either – they are way too fond of this behaviour in the UK and if they fix my finances they can get involved otherwise I will fix it and they can get lost – it gets to a point. Naturally I am unaware of what I am up against it is said but I wonder what they suppose I am doing and who I suppose are responsible for all these activities, sales people perhaps? Sales people with earnings targets in hand along with their celebrity thieves who need to be able to steal in a condition where they are above the law in order to have money without work so as to be decadent in a legal way, sales people with targets in hand and a criminal and civil disobedience to match with which they are really hard of hearing concerning what others do not want people to do with their possessions and then it get serious when their pipsqueaks regularly get to put it to me that I look okay but I am actually mentally disturbed and so all these little twisted means of wrecking people’s lives while Politicians help with the part where they handle peoples possessions and talk nonsense about inequality is the best they can do: as for what I can back up, I do wonder what they suppose I am doing anyway but the advice here is that their problem is a matter of what people have time for and I can always make time for them myself as well – it is the biggest issue with the global economy at present with them all over the stock markets and the banks and the Industries making as much trouble as possible and we can use the conventional means or I can appoint myself to handle them which the law has not authorised me to like they appoint themselves to handle me and my possessions, all I need them to do to avoid both is stay off my book sales numbers especially their media fools and there is nothing more to it than that. I hear I am trapped and now having all I own taken away from me, which is utter nonsense – the reality is that I am not trapped in anyway whatsoever, same old story of the fact they know they have hurt me beyond the point where they can ever get into my good books and are now after sharing my income by some force that they devise talking nonsense about the aspects of Politics that allow them to do that while their Politicians perceive my position as caused by them to be some means of gathering wealth onto themselves and having somebody that will create a getaway statement for them and the hurt was meant to ensure when they actually get to share which their big mouth says is a matter of time, it will result in an outcome in which they are superior, now they are waiting for that and it will never come but for the part where I express it in terms of me being me, the reality is that I could never tolerate any of it or see it seriously at some point, it is always serious that I am a Christian that should never cower to a process of being made to show its okay to slave away at something and when achieved had it to others because you are weak or scared or cowardly and the outcome of where we have been on both sides so far is that I will never let go of them because it means I will lose all the market I have built in their communities where I will make millions as well the same way they do those stupid music CDs on my literary empire and Industry Community and when that had been achieved we will be even and it can be shut down. Its men they say they are and that there are people they can do whatever they like with when it comes to leaving home to find bacon for the family and so on and this making money with my book sales numbers is not the first occasion, the first one was concerned with the same matters of faith where I decided to work towards building a home in which I could accommodate young people that were chucked out of home for choosing the path of religion and faith while still living with their parents and that part was the brutal one where I could walk down the streets and pique the attention of a young person whose sense that my behaviour is acceptable can be punished by a process of being made to stand outside the shop for 15 hours to attract customers for example, the one where they had a problem with me keeping what I am thinking to myself and turn up to start a fight which when they lose draft their children in because they have no respect for me and so on; they just took it to a professional level and the fools are now finding out they will have children as well and that their children will be younger than I am hence all these financial damage based cover ups as though it was all my idea, or my invention or my fault. Hence I can always show it is an issue I can handle by making sure they are well aware of the warnings before dishing out the consequences, to create the sense that I deal with it because it is circumstantial and not a necessary thing to do and then I can get on it and push my book sales until they get sold to ensure it is really violent too; I mean the number of times they want to deploy the middle class and lower class salaries to harm me, the number of times it is clear if products are not sold to them in that way it will not be bought and so on, they cannot leave people alone and the middle classes I am managing very well but for the lower class ones they are the ones I was meant to do my academic work to avoid all along and now as it stands I will not before I sell books as well for my part and so they like to make out they are tougher than me but we all know it’s a story of seeking somebody that will give them privileges of the last laugh which is something they will never get here; come 2015 and they can sell those music CDs on my property again if they want and yes they have already spent millions making it and cannot shut it down now I see, it does mean the fight is inevitable. Of course they do like to claim it is my fault my books are not getting sold which is not true; the reality is for instance the pricing, the pricing is developed along the lines of books written which I have to look after my clients and communities and so is devised in such a way as to ensure when they buy a copy that particular issue is done and then they can seek out the facts in the contents of the books and in order to look into the part where insecurity comes as a result of a case where they are said to have bought securities on the cheap the books are priced to let them fork out a little bit more for me, and that also puts it beyond the range of these idiots and make it intellectual honest while making it impossible for them to see why they should buy any; they need to stay off the numbers and keep their media insults to themselves or realise that they are the biggest problem I have because they cannot do a thing without having my property, so we can get down to that right away. The power and influence of Germany that we hear them talk about is something that will never make sense to me; I mean it does not come into play anywhere i.e. if you are trying to make a living the last thing you want to pay attention to is the influence and power games that somebody else is playing unless you have stupid politicians like we do in the UK and their social and media idiots with incredible insults looking for the last laugh from their fucking mates in order to feel glorious and respected and will get it as fantasy with media then do some financial damage to create the sense I had lost something which is what we are trying to figure out here, if I owe them money etc and it will end as badly as it looks too but in terms of Germany however they always say when they play their power games to a point they will have what I am good at anyway and I cannot understand how it works either, all I know is that they will only double the cost by making sure that they pay for damages done here as well as the benefits they have extricated from the products so they can do their thermonuclear German fury that they are famous for, otherwise I cannot make sense of what kinds of games would have become so valuable on somebody else’s Royal Estate and Literary Empire for my part anyway; there is nothing new about it, same old story of uncharted territories of Politics where things can happen in conditions where they are above the law and the track covering follow ups, it’s just that I cannot make out how they get it anyway by playing those games as they like to claim. I have never thought these matter to be a case of prime concern; it’s a matter of the UK specialising in a service and how it does not need to explain itself to the world, how I explain what I explain about me for me not for others who need to explain what their power games are about and need to be played where they are played – I don’t think any of these things are unusual when we have a US President that is more interested in punishing the British for slavery and slave trade than he is with what his German and Japanese friends get up to anyway but the reality remains that the UK will take a certain attitude towards competitors and towards vandalism, as long as the Politicians are talking nonsense about where we should be out of and where we should be as a Country so they can control those who have found it easy to get business successful while others have the approval of majority population and should have that as a matter of right, then I guess somebody is fucking getting it done either way as it were. We hear I never give credence and credit for the accomplishment of Politicians of which there is any as it were; I mean there are only three things they have accomplished and one of them is their idiots all over the stock markets and financial markets and Industries and city centres making it hell for everybody which is the biggest problem the global economy is facing today, the other is their bane headed badly raised children with a need to have hate figures before doing academic work that has finally paid off who cannot do anything about these idiots bearing in mind they know them personally if they can become more concerned about a decadence I should provide on the left because they are crying tears of evil seeking privileges of injustice and classified racism along with their stupid mothers in public all the time, the other thing they have accomplished apart from these two being their insolence that knows no limits and yes when I mention these accomplishments they do speak of their need to have my sweet stuff first which does create wonder what indeed they suppose they can do if they cannot. Of course they do say I never pay attention to how my people are treated at Industry communities and the fact they are lowest of the low there my irritations but I have no idea how that will resolve handling my possessions and public work which they need to hand back as it were with those stupid mature businesses anyway – my people turn up at their place for a reason that reason was not my invention or their invention and what others think about them is not what my social media says anyway, it’s just book sales or it can be their nightmare and when I do it again I will on the money this time around because like the story of what Germans can use the EU for in terms of what other Countries specialise in, I have had to listen to this very insult for more times than I can remember as well; it’s not an issue that is a crisis, it’s a simple case of the fact they see my people around their concerns because they need to hand back the Royal Property and public work and take those stupid insulting mature businesses somewhere else where the insults can be better appreciated in order that they might be demigods and I might have some peace of mind as well. There is nothing new about it i.e. target people and handle their possessions, help some less privileged people to it and then deploy it to make a certain amount of millions much less than it was worth and finish off by settling it up as a platform for the future business scum that will come from your stupid family while your bone headed badly raised politics children know the trouble makers personally that are the biggest problem for the global economy and do nothing about it if they can seek decadence from my personal life that will  become a future lifestyle as well with that big mouth and a certain accomplishments that I will recognise yapping. I mean the probability of some stupid black girl standing up somewhere to make statements in which she points fingers at me to a point where it becomes clear she is talking to me and that the issue relates to music CDs they made and how it has got all services my career was about to offer up covered and how I have to forget all about it is to be assessed here – in school it would never happen, they seem to get worse in the real world with a big mouth.