I am said to be afraid and hateful of the Private Security Industry but I am not and it is completely ridiculous to suggest that I am, just like the idea is that I had turned to the side of Parliament while what happens at Monarchy is that HRH Prince of Wales considers himself the only Heir in Town, so he picks up what his Mother does to secure his Interests but does nothing about the interests of his own Heirs and is only thrilled by processes where HM makes people uncomfortable. I am not afraid of the Private security Industry and the fact that their mates are usually found hanging around Industrial parks to come up with insulting ideas that help them whip peoples anus for any money they make, as part of processes through which men think all the time of ways they can get what they had not worked for, having spent most of their useful time on deviance and living with the consequences of their personal decisions, a problem they can then solve by tackling younger people for persecution, since its more difficult for wider society to come to the aid of one or two people. I used to be a security guard myself and its quite insane to set out a sense that I hated people that operated in the Industry and then secure a way to prove it too; what happened the entire time I spent there is that the problem was coming from indoors and from behind me as a matter of me performing privileged security while they were bigger and more deserving, so eventually I left the job because it was becoming more and more insecure if I was being attacked from indoors while I was behaving as though the problem of the world existed outdoors through my duties and this is where the tummy churning gimmicks and bottom hurting got completely out of hand, with a history built for me that is now responsible for claims that it is my own life that causes me stress while their intrusive insults and stupidities are doing that. They don’t scare me in anyway, what happens if I go to a super market for example is that should one of their city centre goons show up as well, we will find them behave in a way that suggests the City centre git can do whatever he liked with me, the entire time of which the super market is paying for the whole thing and stomaching their need to select what they want to work on – this then feeds into the other more publicly expressed nonsense that leaves them with a sense that its too difficult for them to stop insulting and abusing me by themselves and therefore need assistance with it as such; the part where every ageist idiot thinks of an opportunity to make money they had not worked for in order to make good the idea that it is possible to spend the youth on bad decisions and still end up getting rich but they might actually have it by showing up in public places to pass insults and abuses at me that will make a complete mess of my career and academic work, just in case an Industry scum wants to buy into it and give them some money at a later date and as I said, it is looking like it finds the process of shutting it down to be a very difficult task indeed as it were. They do need to spend more of their time with their own mates, better still work for those instead but what we find is that they work for other peoples mates and make statements about their own mates being very demanding while it complains about me all the time and will not stop playing with me abusively more so never the less. So they do not scare me in anyway.

The other bragging is the whole thing about the way a person lives being something that is provocative to their stupidities because its not self-exhibiting and modern enough and I am sure peddling all sorts of nonsense about how I pick up my life to avoid trouble, each time I carry on with my concerns, to draw attention to the fact they are constantly assessing how vulnerable to financial corruption based persecution of moral people I am, while petitioning their silly and corrupt Political and Media goons for assistance, will create outcomes that do not end as they would have expected too. They do say they ache to see what I am going to do because the tummy churning and getting imagination up peoples anus thing pays off all the time but I can achieve the same without touching any body seeing it happens entire due to a business of them creating diversions and alternative avenues from my life and career for their stupid purposes and if I came up with processes and Publicity to make their show business more academic, I would achieve the same thing too and the problem is that I would have been studying something in the process which would leave me better off and make me a bad person or they may alternatively heed the warnings about causing me nauseating financial complications by handling my concerns and making stupid comments about it which alter what people feel about my Books and make it impossible for them to set out time that allows them enjoy it, due entirely to the way personal decisions made by goons with money have affected them and how they believe I have created an environment that can resolve it in a world where they can have whatever they want. I do get asked what my case seems to be with them as such and the story is largely that I do not have the power of action like the Police for example, so whenever they handle my finances and career to make a mess, I can do everything else save the power of action which is the reason I do and it is good enough to deter them but they will not take it. So I am told Celebrities are not my enemies as such and I do not think its an enmity issue, they are addicted and I like to assume people cause others the sort of distress they cause me if their victims had offended them, what I have to deal with however is a matter of habit and for their part they say I am very disrespectful which is an old tale of big brothers and big sisters making a total mess of my finances because their stupidities had a lot of respect for me on the other hand - I do not mind either, I am happy for them to drown in their foolishness but the involvement, the mess, the corrupting of my work and finances, crimes committed by patent breach and abuse of Customer interest with insulting and sweeping stupid comments will have to be stopped.

It is now said that I have been in enough trouble to teach me some lessons and its utter nonsense; I have no idea which trouble people think I am in anyway, the reality of the matter is that there is no law saying I have to be a part of their Community and there is no law saying I must miss it if for some reason it disappears – what is quite clear then is that if I live in a community of 20 other people and they had a society, the way they behave when I want to churn their tummy if they get their imagination up my anus all day and teach their children to do the same, claiming I am a bum and its how they showed they were important, is meant to be an expression of the fact that this behaviour is purely evil and that I have every right to live in the community comfortably like everyday else, hence the question I ask often of whether the gesture to the left is what their stupidities actually looks like as it were, if it was possible for their idiocy to explain to others what it meant, before they had to petition the Politicians over my so called attitude. What the behaviour of vandalism expressed towards my Bookshop tends to show, is that if I had not responded to it, there was every prospect of it carrying on forever.

The Politicians do want to know if this was a crisis as such but it isn’t in anyway whatsoever, my view primarily as a Hermit is that these activities are born out of a process where they were expressing something about some power they got from the underworld, evert part of their insults was always about it in any case – the power they got from the underworld that had the means to make people rich or poor as they so desired which they wanted to sell to those that were interested; so since then, the stupidities of following me around with it until I dropped out of University, while the way I responded to being followed around with it until I dropped out of University, simply got them into a stage where they got a game on with their Celebrities that left me with five years history of insults designed to stifle my Book sales until they had built themselves a public awareness which suggested that my Books were written at their expense, on account their stupidities had communities to play with. The main problem being the matter of Media insults and abuses, just like what I am responding to here, which are used to make it as bad as it can get, because big brothers and big sisters have so much respect for me that they enjoy making a mess of my finances. I can always take the steps required to ensure they did not gain from my faith without going along with its rules, just as we can see that the behaviour has now extended to my Bookshop as well and the Celebrities have always been a group of people whom when detached from the money automatically cease to be such a problem for others, so I was thinking learning from them the business of wrecking peoples livelihoods to hang around Media making out their victims are bums who think others are low achievers, as a marketing tool, needed to be reciprocated, bearing in mind it has become so bad that any responses to curb the damage is quickly followed by claims of the bum they are handling making a mess of the most important careers in the land and the Media presence will make it the truth. So as a whole what then happens is the lies people tell about it adding up to a business of them looking like they have been through a school for it and graduated, which is the main reason the Politicians think it had become a crisis – for my part, the relationship they have created with me had long developed from one of this power they claim to have gained from the underworld with which to play stupid games with my well being by through the private security Industry and when Americans want to see them fooling around with the secret services, into something of the big and powerful that the small and weak which is me, needs to do something to please every day, right down to a case of my diet provoking their stupidities and yet the scum who tell lies about it as a matter of Publicly consumed news have not yet stopped making it into something that link up with processes of making money, what they believe they had achieved is a business of being able to goad me into a fight they wanted with a big mouth. So I always stuff culture and society goons full of what I know before I get on to doing anything I want to, in order to avoid the corruption of those who view them and their behaviour with a sense of idolatry, the fact the Celebrities are destroying it when it is not their business is what supports the position that this tolerance I have for people creating perceptions which suggest that the insults and abuses of Celebrities are a profitable and marketable item at my expense, is not really a solution to a problem. They did not say it, they did not write it and they did not do it; they need to keep off my Books and shut down the silly comments or the business of collecting Celebrity lifestyle for those who read my Books in order to take money from them and make my own money, push up their stress levels and have lots of disobedient fun for years as well, will likely be the way it gets to stop; I do not think there is any theory that I believe I can handle Celebrities while I cannot which has the capacity to prevent me from doing this as it were.

I have been told I keep dancing from one issue with a community to another and its utter nonsense – what really happens is that they have decided what their theory they were first to arrive in the UK, really means but it still changes nothing about following me around over ideas on how my personality can be used to make them rich through popular culture, which they need so desperately they have been getting round to shops, stealing products each time I attended one to buy my supplies; the same principle applies that I have every right to live comfortably in those communities without any pressures on my chest since 2002 and then my bottom since 2009, talking nonsense all over the place to leave me with enough anger that propels me into acquiring means that will help me give them a paddle and only let go when I am satisfied, making good use of my time for all the wrong reasons in the process. In the end this is not as much a crisis as we believe it to be, it’s a tale of the reality that most of these matters and its criminal disobedience are problems that are usually used to ensure that Americans are not entitled to the free air. So the worlds worst recession has now made it possible for us to take it far more seriously in terms of the concerns we share with our principle Ally, so we find that it is likely to stop with another generation that hates the Brits in the far west. So the story that it is a matter of influences from other wealthy Countries is nothing unusual – we know for instance what German influence looks like, save we cannot tell when this goons make their decisions if we had business with German Companies for example and they are pretty much all the same in that respect, the rest of the time it’s a matter of hanging around somewhere especially in Asia being real men with imagination constantly up peoples bottoms and when I had informed them the gits that show up there to seek some powers they can dominate those they claim are bullies by, are really seeking means to bother people who have business at Government buildings on Media, which will create social and political instability but for each time such gits ask them for such support, it was given, while the Celebrities hung around on the other end in Hollywood, ripping up my finances to make me into a profitable enemy they can manage. In the end, I am not a relative of black people and there are those silly entitled women showing up here to cook my broth and come up with ideas about me getting into a fight with their enemies – so it loves to get the imagination up my bum but if I supported the hoodlums it has abused for years into what we see on the streets where people have learned to bugger its stupidities knowing it does not suit them as well, I will win and if I built up those problems they were inundated with and gave it a Publicity on their public image, I would win anyway, should I however tell it to stop cooking my broth and getting its imagination up my bum, we will find it cannot keep its mouth shut still. Personally however, I do not think that the more difficult thing for Celebrities to do is to ensure that they did not spend their time doing what they knew was damaging for my Books. I do get told I am rude and badly mannered but its not the way that I talk at all, besides which I am the rude one with health problems to show for it and should not be lectured by rude people with health and vitality to show for it as well; it’s the one small thing for people to get off their legendary British ego complete with features like talking their problems into me and my personal space and then hanging around somewhere with a Media exposure talking nonsense about the reasons they wouldn’t stop being that if push came to shove they would lack of respect for other peoples personally and thinking space be better off and just keep their mouth shut with respect to my concerns save they were reviewing a Book they had paid for around here – likewise I have been told I have all these interests and none knows how I plan to look after them and it was rather clear that it is not the fraction of interested parties that will always tend to make use of my work without paying, that I am trying to make a living with.

They do say that I believe myself to be very tough. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know that I have choices either to consider them lords and masters I don’t want to be friends with because they anus whip me whenever they make money at Industrial parks while their Children hang around thinking they are above the law, they are other peoples gods and peoples businesses exist in the head only, so they might grab more market. As I pointed out, I usually stuff the culture and society goons full of what I know because it ensured I am not vulnerable to their stupidities and those who follow them showing up to push up my stress levels and tell me that I think I will get some form of justice but all I will get is forms of corruption, what then happened being Celebrities to whom none of this concerned, then showed up to take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals and selling the glossy magazines at the corner shops over it, which is how all of these started; hence not clear how they came to the conclusion that it should be the sense a person is tough that decided how people responded to such nonsense anyway. I have been told it’s just me complaining and shooing off interested parties which is not the case – their attitude towards the fact I am mainly concerned with the interests of a three groups of people who are divided into the elderly, the working population and the dependants leaves nothing to the imagination, so they like to tell me they want my Books but do not have the stomach for it making more of a mess for me all the time. I have also been told that my morality has gone to pieces which is not linked to reality in anyway whatsoever; they are out of their depth and this is a façade that helps to draw the girls a little bit more for what their disobedience is worth as it were, considering what happens with Celebrities is that they show up to suckle the bits involving what people do with unsavoury characters and once done set out new public image for their victims which say they are out of other people’s league and then I will be asked in such a circumstances, questions about Royal property that I cannot answer.

I have been told that people want to replace me at the Monarchy and yes they do, much the same as I want to treat them like animals for my part too i.e. they are well aware Royal Commissions are usually developed on filial responsibility but will turn up here to invent plans for replacing me, especially along the lines of my finances not being up to scratch, for what will be taken from me and my family if they took it. They have said they wanted to replace me with Prince Harry and yes I understand but soon will I pick up the business of coming up with processes of beating people down for making a mess of the academic system too and then it will become even more obvious that The Duke of Sussex did not need to abandon his position like he did – I mean I am already a good way there, to do it in liaison with some black Americans and the Duchess of Cambridge and then I will get into a lot of trouble thereafter. The other part of this story is that I am responsible for making matters complicated and yes I am, for each threat that has been issued in my direction will people find me make it more complicated, its usually better complicated than a process where people got hurt in my view and if they looked for examples, they would find that the most abusive people in the work world are the way they are because they are able to take advantage of the unskilled economy. I have been told it’s a cowards choice but I didn’t think such a theory held up anyway – since what happens is that such nonsense grows and then the skilled economy where they have more money to spend on cosmetics and more time to spend on the mirror, had little choice whom they gave it to – the outcome is that the community gits will get after my Book sales and the Industry goons will get after the business of deploying my property equity without paying for the Book, on account I had said it.

They have now said that I am never ashamed of anything and its an example of what the really difficult issue was in the first place – that it is quite impossible to be ashamed of what you experience because a group of idiots enjoy practical jokes that will get you to engage with the world the way that they do, all of which happens because there has not been another occasion on my part, where I had set out that I am not responsible for their personal and private security which will leave them facing the consequences of their needs and temper being Gods gift to humanity as stupidly as possible, consistently setting out the sense that I am responsible for their security what they did whatever they liked with others, to cook my broth and get me into a fight.

Their Politicians have suggested the reason is that I am living on Universal Credit which is entirely their fault, as we know what happens is that we suspend the career and do what they tell us to do in order to find jobs and get off it, which never actually happens and then when we take charge we have two jobs and it likely goes on like that for eternity long after we had actually found jobs and moved on. Besides which is the bottom chasing idiots at Industrial parks slapping bottoms every time they make some money which feeds into the Celebrity stupidities and Media presence madness of wrecking peoples careers to put labels on them as marketing tool that only their career is the one doing at the moment, meddling with fields of study their foolishness knows nothing about in the process of putting money together with friends to seek their fortunes in city which they cannot need without having need of other peoples career as insultingly as possible, to blow off that big mouth about expecting to be feared – these are the scum that make people feel so tired that even if you find a part time job, its impossible for you to start working on keeping your living area the way you want it, let alone ask the employer for extra time, such as will be enough to keep you off Universal Credit.

They speak of how we get on benefits in the first place, of which what happens is that we don’t; In my case, I returned to the UK in June of 2001 and got on benefits a month later, stayed on it for 3 weeks and got my first job which lasted 18 months of hell, featuring radio wave scum arranging music tracks according to everything I did when I stepped outside of my door and their stupidities selecting marketable self-improvements from the whole process, complete with stupid demented feminists allowed to secure a man they will torture to make themselves comfortable, which continues to this day with a constant process of people building me publicity that sets me out as the guy that wants to make money in a world where democracy is not necessarily a moral thing, the way Industry idiots who have set out I am not going anywhere with my work until they got rich from it first, dispatch their stupidities to do, looking like the community insults they arrange for me is something that is too difficult for their stupidities to shut down by themselves without my direct involvement and it is when I think this is easy enough to avoid, all I needed to do was keep off the Media, that this stories about how I am ashamed of nothing kick off, due to a stupid professional intuition that encourages them to handle me like the bloody idiots they are, even when the complain about me is now a Global and National stage phenomenon. We find them claim it’s a matter of what people at the Monarchy do on my behalf which is supported by their stupid Politicians that appears to suggest each and every one of them had received authority from the Queen to form a Government, such that when I talk about the fact they are always a threat to Party leadership due to access they have to me and my career, I had begun to talk like a dangerous person; what they are referring to being that their Political leadership is so insulting that parents have no idea what to do with Children and options are showing up such as sending them to boot camp, beating them up etc, so these parents like to wade crimes and criminality by themselves, get hurt and some really angry ones want to show what their feelings are in Parliament – for my part, I have always pointed out a fight with their stupidities endorsing all these nonsense for their narcissistic amusement is usually a solution for all problems. I have never seen anything like it; a handful of very stupid individuals putting money into a pot to chase their fortunes in the City by having need of other peoples career, making a case of it to a stage where they want access to my bedroom.