So in the end the big question is always that of my position. My position however in reality is not a difficult one either; the truth of it is that businesses are trying really hard but the trouble makers are not making it easy. For me I need to ensure that all those public media lies and people getting off to believe things media idiots tell them as something that is more important than what they think or indeed my own side of the story bearing in mind they are so incredibly powerful, does not lead to a process whereby years from now, somebody will stifle my book sales until he or she is able to incorporate it into their business and make money instead of serving the customer better and managing their business better to make a profit. If there were benefits to it of course I would have allowed it to fester but the benefits do not exist; I had just finished work on rounding up matters with respect to gangs and drugs for example but Politicians have together with their media friends cut that to pieces for me, so I have to re-evaluate and for that I need facts about certainties too. Hence is there any possibility that when somebody incorporates my livelihood into his own to make money there will be jobs and to spare? Of course not because he is only going to sell things to customers that come and go, the loyal customers may buy those products someday but not immediately and if that were to be something that happens to everybody that would mean the prolonging of the recession itself. My aim is to ensure we have as many people with jobs that involve stocking things in a warehouse that consumers come to pick up and pay them for, which is so secure that they do not have to worry about what the next day after today might look like, no matter how small their venture may be like and that is all I want; it is the only way to guarantee a process where I am able to get a job. Hence if considered from the point of view of the chances of success it has to be seen that technically they cannot stifle my book sales if they only get to know I am a published author on the basis of my fame which would have come as a result of circulation and therefore substantial earnings, hence they are able to access my privacy or make accurate guesses about what goes on in it as a result of years of abuse on account that they have abused my right to have my privacy already, so having been I have settled their rubbish at this stage, it should be easy to see that kicking them once I am set up and ready to trade will not be so hard. The prime concern here is those things they do with their culture that they believe everybody thinks is how they are because Politicians like to say it i.e. the one about setting up those whose property they feel that if confiscated will make them rich as a gang of people and the things they do to bully those people for it too – by which they tell stories about how it is not their fault peoples property ended up where the needs of the people are and how they are simply doing what works with the market etc; the main problem is that each time it does not work the media builds up something about it to make it work provocatively and will not sell anything unless they are doing. Hence for me it’s like one of those causes you might want to be a part of or actually carry out yourself and this is a good one too. So it is generally about people securing a way of hurting me which is above the law on account they know what lies in my personal life and want it therefore and so each time it has no effect the media builds capital for them out of it and finds a higher authority to be friendly with as well for good measure and so if this is not provocation I tend to wonder what it bearing in mind how much they complain as well. so do I normally speak of matters the way I do because I am a coward? Of course not, the fact is something about unnecessarily necessary incompetence which are unnecessary on my part and necessary for those who want to take advantage of me i.e. if I am a writer and somebody can use my book to get rich and famous by illegal or barely legal means I am not such a good writer, they could use the books to get rich illegally or by barely legal means of course but it should not do any damage to the book, unless that is I am not such a good writer for my part. Apart from it they can come round and bring the world with them should it have applied they own it so I can cut it up for them. Of course they claim that with such behaviour I will definitely get into trouble or get killed which I don’t mind for my part anyway since it does not seem to be clear to them what the reality is i.e. companies on one hand and their shareholders on the other and then somewhere around the communities that shareholders build for themselves is the cultural side of that community, where all that music industry fame and fortune rubbish cannot seem to take place if people are not singing my book sales, my income and the property of my company for a living. So threatening to kill me is one step closer to a process where I take away their freedoms and of course once I had done so they can misbehave when the police comes round and will not get shot so we can have riots. It seems whenever they want something or see something they must have it and that kind of mentality has got nothing to do with reality itself. The other part where they claim I am never happy or excited for the successes that other people have is one of the old stories they are certain completely eludes me, first of all of which we have never been mates and it is not clear why they expect me to be excited about their stuff as such; then there is the fact they are perverts and should never be trusted with government office because they will spend all their time using the pervasiveness of the law for private gain, in the end when it comes to it therefore there are mistakes people do because they have been overzealous and there are things people do simply because they are perverts; we really have nothing in common. We hear them speak of democracy these days of course but it applies that Politicians cannot simply make their mistakes these days because they allowed theri zeal to get ahead of what they know anymore, they must be tied off in a place where they agree to do things the wrong way or get assurances that if they do they will get support never the less. They speak of me and my noise making and the kill of me of course but it also applies on the other hand that the ideas and property they want to steal always comes first before their desire or plans to steal them and such things can only happen if I allow it or if I get around with their murky world, so I have no idea why they always want to see me feel they have achieved a thing or two when we are not mates in anyway whatsoever but I should acknowledge it is a completely new challenge while they complain of the threat the Christian is to the freedom when I am actually not yet a threat to it technically. I mean am I wrecking peoples stuff already, all that doing things to include the groove of the imagination thing of which getting into the imagination must always leave me with nothing or it will not be enough, it is always incredible as far as I know.

I do not think I am justifying myself to them when I say something about it as such, I mean take for example some of these young people that live in tourism industry areas where some criminals like to go to spend money; sometimes the best way to get by is to give up, so that people will only have to see you commit a crime or police have evidence that you have done so before they call you a criminal – naturally there are corruptions but it does not mean that I am justifying myself to those who push people into crimes in those areas because they have media jobs and advertisement companies and cannot stand the idea that others may have earned money. They are simply a collection of very evil media scum who are building up some kind of a fight of attrition with me which is a plausible prognosis at this stage because it will not go away. Of course there is the matter claimed of how my actions rip the yarns of what are important flims, I would not know anyway, all I know is that somebody has made a good film and that the good job winds them up, hence my main concern is my own job which is winding them up already as we speak.