I am not in the business of buying time for money makers as claimed – the rule is that they buy my books and broker equities I have declared to settle what kind of time I am buying them and in what nature and context that time exists – I am aware they are more interested in their age as compared to mine which anybody has ever asked them about and I am aware they are more interested in how much money they have as compared to me which is never relevant. It is the poorer ones we have finished with who talk nonsense about how little I know about England but how much I think I know about it, I have made it clear I will not tolerate their homosexuality of course and they can continue to talk nonsense about consenting adults while they behave in such ways in the most stubborn manner imaginable and expect me to go along with that idea as well. It is always said I have not got a clue what I am doing and nothing I do has ever had any effect but that is because of a deluded view people have of what I am thinking about of which nobody knows why they would suppose they know what I am thinking about either; I mean these Industry idiots have gone from a stage where they see me work on my career and round me up like an animal to deploy my company to get rich and the outcome was isolation for me so I never undo the connections they had made of which the disadvantage was that isolation means that everybody is a potential business partner that I can look upon in a dispassionate way, which has led to all these attacks and destruction ever since. So when I ensure handling my property does not lead to an outcome where they use it to harm me I have no idea why people think it means I have gotten into league with them, when it is clear to see their personality competition will lead to more serious results than they are thinking about first of all and most of all they are nothing and I am a book seller thinking about bending them over the same way as they have me with all that undoing advantages of being isolated coupled with age discrimination and finance comparison for the trappings of power nonsense that they have never been asked about around here. The poorer ones I have warned about the fact I will build an office on that society and making a living will only happen if I tease them as we go along and I have not yet seen any improvement in their behaviour yet, we all know they boast but every culture has a group of idiots in their society who think they know about money than everybody else is a fact they might want to bear in mind as it were. These things are not complicated matters in anyway; the main issue is this their need to make connections and get rich my teasing and abusing me – the physical outcome is that Industry itself is not bad but the sales people who are delegated the task of selling things are a nightmare that need to be curtailed – hence it is okay for them and their media and Politicians to have these evil cultures that Christians like myself are certain to attack and criticise but I do not want to see any of it or have any of it affect me in any way as I have had enough of them damaging my business and my finances and academic work with it – when we all say let’s go back to drawing board in a recession, they say we have that our culture and more access to peoples personal lives at this stage so we are on course to have it better than ever – hence people ought to know I know they are deviant and evil and the Bible isn’t lying, the question is whether they themselves know what they are doing anyway.

The other delusion people have about what I am thinking concerns celebrities who see me as the Christian that makes them look good in the eyes of the world but their wickedness and the cultures they work it with exists to ensure they can push people around and get rich and important. So you regularly see them go off to some corner in Africa and return with a story about how the evils of my culture are while I get around removing the ones the UK but even then in order for me to be the Christian that is used to make them look good in the eyes of the world my academic work and finances must be completely destroyed; so I have no idea why people like to think I am in league with them either – it is always okay for them to do whatever they like but physical contact is unacceptable; I am not their fucking mate.

I am accused of saying everything I say to bad people and letting everybody else gets information from them instead but of course that is because they are bad people at my office and I am a writer unless people want to extract the contents of my books and turn up in public to adopt a disposition that will ensure it offends them when it goes public at a later date so that they might seek trappings of power attacking me and attacking it, rather than a bit of respect for what I do or buying a product they want and if not leave it for those who do; now they have all the power they want and it is hard to understand what they are complaining about too. The others who speak of abusing me to rebalance that system in favour of their girls know of course that will encouragement from Politicians their stupid girls have been getting around settling up on men they can have girl fun times abusing of course and they have done that right up to the Monarchy while their Politicians have settled up on stories they can tell when things happen when they will claim really has no reason – they have not covered any stupid tracks, they are simply men and women that are happy to give up matrimony in return for homosexuality and money and even sexuality in return for alternative lifestyle for money and everything else and they think I am bluffing when I say they will soon have to give up money to sort out the crisis over me yet as it were.

So the question is that of why they do these things of which the answer has always been that of the fact they think they can play their greed wickedness based games with everybody and take away the very essence of your existence for that one time you refused to give them or co-operate with what they want, twisted little evil scum playing those games all the time and the Scottish Nationalists ones understand people will run with the story of some goon who is also not white telling almighty Scotland what to do and so Alex Salmon and his idiots squeeze that juice all the time too as it were. all I am saying is that this is not the piece of the world or the piece of the UK they were born with and even as much as measuring the one they should be having will lead to even greater trouble than they have already seen of which no new country will save them from as well either: - we do hear it is not my fight of course which is not what we got the last decade of a daily process of getting out of their beds to chop my book sales market to pieces and talk nonsense of how I need to show my face in public so they can move into my personal space permanently for good measure - I mean I could be wrong that it isn't my fight or it could be I am lazy about it ad will run into more trouble.