Now I am aware it is said that people have come across Nigerian gangs and so it helps them to see that they are discriminative people which is why I am being targeted, besides the fact it has become easier to on account the lies they tell and the disobedient need to build up communities that have expressed plans to do things to me with no intention of disbanding it whenever I tell them off that is. I could never make it out any way, but it has carried on for years, also blabbing all sorts of nonsense about life after Brexit being the one where White people will own the Land while the Blacks will work based on who was here first (like a queer shit). I mean in Nigeria, you cannot smoke Marijuana and get off following around those who have placed labels on such as the ones that are really big and whose personal and thinking space you really have no respect or regard for all together, if caught, you face at least 18 years in Prison – so we know they are socially corrupt, have a pathological fear of work, will not settle for a living wage and not fame or fortunes if somebody else is willing to do the work and can never stop threatening people that are actually their mates over the money problems that they have got with the insatiable desire for vandalism that they happen to be most proud of as cultural identity, my question really is that of the part of not handling other people they find so difficult all together, even when they are complaining about me as much as we see them do. So, we do have our own prejudices, we put it aside so we may get on with people and still find it possible to go home, in a condition where all their views may not necessarily have been agreeable. In my case it has now gone beyond any form of agreeable and developed into something of a case where the damage to my academic work and finances gives them the means to get their hands up my bum and run off some really stupid popular culture, politics and stock market gimmicks, so it does seem that I shall reach a stage where I plan a living on the basis of making them suffer first before I have some way in telling them off with results attached. They do make out they have had me all figured out which they have not, build it up all the time; we find that they want to make me tired all the time because their teenage sons are more encouraged to take the risk of violent activity towards those who have a public image they could have made fame and fortune with, should such persons appear to be tired all the time and it’s the same with those insults that build up into communities of fools with plans about what to do to me that they will not shut down no matter how much I make them suffer every time it churns my tummy for stepping outside of my door – I mean I was born in a London City Called Islington, and they were born years later but this makes me the new kid on the block, likely to continue until I had decided on how they are to spend the rest of their days on this earth all together, whereby we find the older ones who send them out for these insults about being a men with some dignity attached will claim such statements characterise their feelings about me since last consequences were attached to dragging me back to that point where I may drop out of University over and over again by putting labels on me that describe me as the kid on whom their future depends, goes without saying it is possible I am bluffing when I have informed them that should I get my hands on that stupid culture and society, I will sooner had wanted to see what it is exactly they were going to do about me when that was the last time they ever got to see it. The Industry ones like to claim that I am not making a headway in the matter and am always financially worse off no matter what I do but I am not, the truth of it is that they put up money leverage somewhere, get some really stupid people rich at my expense and show up here to waste their time making out they will get their business establishments back up to financial speed once they extracted money they needed to do so by from my market place – so we find in the US, Obama relied on me and could not stop setting stages for their stupidities to discuss problems with respect to the fact that I exist and now we understand Trump thinks I must take responsibility for the damage they do to other people all together and it continues in circles insanely all the time. I could never understand what gets an Architect designing a building he wants to win an award or a contract by through the deployment of the Assets of an Arch Prince’s Royal Bookshop anyway but we soon find that once done, they set up these fools on a narcissistic popular culture canopy, start to imagine they have had me all figured out, the Media gets involved to experiment and find out how much power their stupid jobs have over me and then they tell me that I set up a Book shop because of the part of my life that will give away things I possess which others do not; so it happens all the time that professionals set themselves up and get around winning contracts but their cases are about to constitute a problem which results I shall do my best to ensure they do not fancy as well; the one they are complaining about presently is what I have been doing with the work place bulling that is so intense over popular culture, Politics and stock market stupidities that each time I have a job to do, I end up with a mind that tells me to seek the least stressful route as it adds age to me, so there is about to be another one and it goes without saying they have not had me figured out at all, only just started again. They ask this question all the time about what I think people want from me but it could not be simpler a case of ceasing all public place insults associated with me giving away information from my work because it would save life and get involved with an author only because they want to read his Books, as it is easy enough for a lay mind to understand that if it is not a product, then it is probably a broken string from which no music can be made. They do like to bellow wars at me all the time, causes wonder how the society ones will fail to keep their hands to themselves until they find there is no other way to carry on except targeting and attacking the civil rights ones, only then does it become rather clear that each time they bellow stupid wars at me that they think will blackmail me into giving up an income, especially when the stupid celebrities have been making fame on my Royal Public image and now wish to punish me for ever because I changed something which then brought about the end of their fame trip, making out that passing their stupid insults at me on Media adds up to how advertisement should be made and cannot keep their big mouth shut on the being dangerous people I must be afraid of bits all together, it is possible that they are bluffing too.

They do claim that they have finished me off financially in any case which is utter nonsense; they have been giving money to stupid people in order to end up here and waste their time until they realised that they need to start building products they sell to the stupid people in order to get their money back. The Americans like to make out they have gotten me stuck in a condition where my whole life is a process of moving from one fight to another, whereas reality is that it will stand by its Office window and because it knows where my Books are, start gossiping violently with its friend until it makes a mess of my earnings then start to chase my bum and tell me I am haemorrhaging, old enough for that but not old enough to see it is unbecoming, until I took steps to ensure I was able to do something with myself on a professional basis without being interfered with first before it does realise it is old enough to be my grandparent and this sort of behaviour was unbecoming. Until then however I am as selfish as I am currently because I want to see them suffer for their behaviour by making sure they are not getting any exists from my Public image and the next time they saw me and followed me around at an Academic institution will be the start of the means through which their families are affected and will hear about this nonsense for a change. I do rather love to avoid hurting people as there is the option of getting them to keep a secret they would want to share with their spouse for support by really cannot - it does tend to mean that matrimony that are a threat to my health and safety and well being will sooner or later be headed towards dissolution, that I may have some peace for a change.

I am now told that my Books are failing and they are not, its just a matter of people getting involved with it while being as non-supportive as they possibly can make themselves, this adds to the Celebrity involvement being all about spending the life of sweet guy who makes people feel good about themselves to such an extent that there will be an atmosphere built up for investors while they got a lot of attention and sales for anything they put their hands to – when both get together and say I am a nobody who likes to think he is very important, that will then have become a conversation about consequences associated with having written a Book with a Title and a Description, only to find that after 5 years of stifling my sales with Media to build me a history of insults that will make a tool, they have changed what people think when people read the Title and description of my Book – so it does seem as if the only way out is to avoid this sense of a convention to decide how much respect I deserve and to rely entirely on dishing out consequences for this nonsense time and time again until I find one that works for me in a career fashion all together. They have continued to boast on the matter of sorting out consequences for the fact I had opened up an Intellectual Property Administration business which is an impediment to what they want to do to rip up peoples lives and get rich by avoiding work, that this means they had taken revenge on me for the things my State provided security does but we know if I got hold of their own I will likely bend it into such a complicated corner that their whole lives will be about work, shopping and school run, by which time it will then have been difficult enough to ensure I got a break to get on with my own life too.


A Few facts and matters have been worked in detail here, I have made it so as this is my Administrative renaissance site and effectively an inventory of Divine and Human effects at the Royal Office. This applies Globally and effects a process of consequence for all who are too quick to work out the fate of other human beings, in the belief that the assumption they hold true to themselves, that they always get what they want and always want what other people already own which is how the Eye thus covets is primarily linked to reality.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.


Advertisement and Government based Peace and Security Culture for the Arch Prince's Royal Estate Company and Arch Prince Literary Empire and Trust - Global Media Advertisement and the Creation of unprofitable good governance


The fundamental story always is that of how I need to beware as the US President has got his eyes on me etc and now it has also come to a point where it is because of the deaths of black people at the hands of the Police in the US. I could not make it out anyway – all I know is that they love to make out what happens when they do not lead is that they die, which does not actually answer the question of why it is that they must always want to lead and hence enjoy their corruptions of involvement with other people’s concerns way too much for their own good; whereby cut down every process by which they can get themselves killed by racists over your income in order to get as many scum in their local communities to share it as they possibly can and what happens is that they call crowds with self preservation messages, get into The White House, stifle my Book sales and set about getting themselves killed by Police Officers on my Public life in order to ensure when they had exasperated me to explore areas of my mind I did not know existed which then becomes their property, they have means by which to claim it; all this nonsense the President Mr Obama that loves to give word that people should not buy my Books will claim he is oblivious to apparently according to the latest facts we are aware of?

It is all a load of nonsense that does not scare me at all and fundamentally relies on threatening others on my behalf; which does not actually support the theory that they do not know why the Police in the US carry out their duties the way that we see them do, more so in the US. By the way of which if they have read this, it all all fall on deaf ears because its sensibility from a government that is not Democratic and the main problem is that they wish to instill freedom and democracy in every Country of the World - no brains whatsoever and very hard of learning, never mind the fact its idiocy and mediocrity of insolence wants to speak to and address absolutely everybody it bloody well wishes, while it has not got a foggiest clue what it is talking about, in order that its stupidity might improve itself at a later date, so as to secure profitability of violence with a big mouth.

I hear this story of how social media is a problem and I need to respond but it is an old story of people having such difficulty understanding I do not have a problem save people wrecking my Royal Public image and making use of my Books without payment, to show up and complain about problems and have conversations with me aimed at making me acknowledge some problem I actually do not have. Social media is not the real problem; if somebody picked up something I wrote three years ago and used it to make a mess that will build some sales, over 90% of how that was possible would have been first of all created by my salary is not enough because I have an ego money loving media idiots who have no respect for others and anything that belongs to other people. They speak of this issue to do with how I have disposed people or made them feel that way but that is largely because they are the most insolent scum I have ever come across – there is no way of responding to any method of involvement with my concerns that does not involve bringing myself lower and low and there is no way of talking about it which does not involve dabbing into ideological sensibilities that should never be explored; it is the reason they are dispossessed and will stay that way for the rest of their lives too without there being any stupid war for it; I mean it is usually assumed a person must have done something wrong for people to strike his anus and press his chest all day but I have done nothing except people grabbing my work to go off and get connected with rich people, secure the best news slots and make friendship with Celebrities who will give them pictures and stories to make money with by getting famous, then attacking me because I look like I want to stop them from doing it having been I had disapproved it, so it is not going to get more serious if they ever confront me over the matter as well. It’s a case of what it takes to get involved; the number of times and of days and years a Politicians will handle your finances and property to make you go from thinking about it at all, to thinking about the bubble of stupid activities going on around you which you can reach out and touch if you wanted to, right up to the point where publicity is built that says you have had an ego and gotten yourself unhinged and then gotten involved, right up to a stage where it means that all your own and your person exists in a condition where anybody can do anything with it and where telling people off certain behaviour amounts to having actually gotten involved which then sets the stage for the beginning of anything they want to do; the same incredibly stupid political scum are the ones who complain about the effects more than anybody else and if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time that they see it as well. They always say I give out false hope of doing anything about them but what really happens is nightmare landlords and nightmare tenants and nightmare shop keepers etc - they are always protecting something everywhere they live to throw disdain at those who refuse to be violated if it brought somebody else some money asking thereof for it to be taken from them by force with that big mouth yapping dispossessed at me as well and whenever other people live in the neighbourhood, something is always being revealed by the existence of those people; so I put my information out to run a Book sale business and they want to pick it up and play stupid games at media, so striking my anus is getting violent, blabbing nonsense at me about power on their part and defiance on mine, when their Politicians are spending tax payer funds on it so nobody can tell them they are bloody idiots. 

They say I talk about it like it is really cheap and yes it is really cheap too – when I rip up the culture and society and then tear down the job and business we will see them beat up with that big mouth I have to tolerate all the time from such a position. Its no longer enough to just say they want to live my life and spend my money but are not really a threat to my life because I have not been selling my Books due to what they are doing with the sales using media and popularity jobs everyday and this has been happening as stupidly as it possibly can express itself for the last 5 years, just to take a time cross section.

I do not think it is a crisis, as I mentioned; we are here at all because the media is building up a crowd that will join them in making use of my Books without payment and I have to set out all these processes of making them keep the behaviour away from the Books and those who actually want to pay for it – where I do get told I mix business with pleasure and blame others for the outcome while what it really happening is that they dispute what my livelihood is when I tell them about it, so given the right tools and measures, they can be made to listen to what others are saying to them, express some of their stupidest intentions where they will not damage people and property and pretend it is what their foolish civil rights looks like – so it is cheap and easy to dispossess if they are asking. They speak of what I would not do if I lived in African Country of course but its an old story where everything I have worked for in the last decade now has a public state of affairs that runs consistently all day long, which is to do with factorising it on the basis of whether or not somebody else is bigger than I am and able to have me beaten up.

They like to say I refuse to acknowledge the part I have played in the matter – which is an old case of the fact that the Court is female only and I want nothing to do with their girls who are always offering sexual bribes to goons that like to make a mess of neighbourhoods, get involved with Police work and leave a mess for the Police in order to be part of business communities, if they are not involved with carrying briefcases around in a bid to commit organised crime, showing up here with corruption of involvement all the time – while those who claim I have played a part in the matter would be the goons who think that they have taken over if they train a Camera on a Court Member or that they have become the Husband and earned the right to tell me what is what whenever they do, like the credible part I play in the matter, which is what this is all about; where they say I speak like I am innocent in the matter while we cannot actually identify them if they strike my anus that I have ever had a conversation with them concerning where it is located for as it were a facts that kids who do not let them have their stupid way refuse to recognise about socialism even when it has become a problem with a big mouth and of course they can grab the penis too - my personality exists because I sleep with peoples wives and there is a problem with my thought pattern; looks like it will end very well as it were, especially as the silly Children that never get disciplined by parents who can see through my clothes and underwear and strike my private parts are showing me how to make publicity from a process where they wake up in the morning and cannot make use of the loo because their society is queer, making one out of my case with them everyday blabbing about civil rights. Its is sexual harassment and has come to this stage because of the know it all idiots who are politicians and keep telling stories about what it wasn’t right up to this stage where they are complaining as well to make it important – its just reached that stage for me where it is not enough to just say they might want to live my life and spend my money but are not a threat to me. 


There is no bearing towards fact over the claim that I fancy married women; I do not fancy married women, it i just a fact that I have something between me and a collection of idiots that do because of their insults through it and so the full album will be when I say they are not having any married women whatsoever, can burn in hell since I will never allow it and they might want to stay out of routine gynecology and Pregnancy Tests that do certain sexual activities for them so it does not blow up like the stupid men they are; it does not matter if it is the married women they are married to, everybody knows what the meaning of what I have said is, apparently of which they cannot be married men unless they are married to one of them married women anyway, completely convinced therefore I have not had enough of their insults and the greed with it in every way imaginable. It appears that they have a culture and because of that I have no right to feel physically good with my own body or anything like that.

They say one hand that my activities encourage conflict while on the other that I am stuck with the media and cannot get out – the truth is rather that my activities do not encourage anything when somebody is part of a Political party that spends most of its time pounding the backyard of moral people, hoping that if enough lies and civil rights are recognised by those that matter, the racists will not notice who is scooping a taste of what they are cooking ever so frequently. As for being stuck with the media; I am not stuck with the media, the media is a collection of very evil people and it started off with something about demanding of me a process where I was possessed by demons and my mind was taken over sitting in a corner in life and being tormented so somebody else can sell things and get rich, asking me as though having such things was part of their human right – so they are not having it anymore, and none of them have got enough media and celebrity culture now to do talk to the hand routines at me over the damage it does but that said, I am meant to carry on with my studies while they do that and so when I am done with studies I go my way, except for those who take themselves too seriously and the corruptions of personal involvement is their main power, so they follow me around and wreck everything, chase a life of incredible deviance until they end up stuck with people who make them fart and then the way out of that was to control me and threaten me and share my personality and make use of my personal space – all manageable of course until when the Politicians get involved and spend tax payer funds on it, which makes it something that has to be settled and I am now resolved I will not be punished for wrecking their evils for the rest of my life and they will never be free of me until my finances are looking the way they found it when they met me.


The facts about it are mostly located around the matter of how it seems to be the most important implication on peoples news report that I always need to fight to save myself from something and it is some throe after another with me which is getting heavier and heavier and the look on my face is funny and they get fame from it. The reality is that there is no such thing; what there really is, is a process where I need to protect my books and the problem that needs to be solved in the matter is concerned largely with the fact there is a place the book occupies in a market I created for it and that market and earning from it and its services are protected by the copyright on my books and so on and this is what these idiots love to pillage. What they obtain from such activity is the process of being able to destroy another person’s life because theirs has been and then make some money and become more deserving to be me than I am to be me and then set out to strip me of me and make themselves into me on media but is the reasons they do it such as everything I do and my very existence annoying them that means I cannot pass it up and so I know that if I took care of this matter in a big way and go it over with as such, the result will be that they are later able to move on with their stupid lives and that is unacceptable besides which the benefit of doing a little and making the fight into a full time preoccupation is that the idiots that take advantage of me because these fools are on my case which is a very promiscuous means of determining what my quality of life become and what they make of their stupid selves and lives in this world have a fight to engage in as well just like them at all times. So they will stay away from everything that the copyright sign on my work protects, especially the income or they will see some of mine as well, as equally as we all know it is an old story of an insatiable desire to pick on those who work in a Government and once they know you will be incapable of making them turn out on the streets to protest and revolt will absolutely have no limits for it whatsoever and this to that end they do not know me and will definitely before this is over provided they do not feel like staying away from my income and every derivative and thing that is protected around my books and property by the patents on them. It is not the only occasion as it were that they feel my work and books exist to be protected from the customer so they can own it and regularly deploy it and something that teaches them how to be powerful and of course cannot get off my television too.

Of course they always feel they can hang onto the social media and internet based lucrative insults and I will certainly wring that out of them as well.

I. Uno I


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Industrial Disobedience

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So they do say I need a Father figure and have not done so with a calculation of what the consequences might be too, since at this point they are not spending enough times abusing their stupid children into an inability to forge an acceptable level of relationship with others that may want to or already have employed them, so I simply have to conclude the case continues still considering the part where a Court became the helpers and not the fans was actually forged by the corruptions of invol...

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I am not in the business of buying time for money makers as claimed – the rule is that they buy my books and broker equities I have declared to settle what kind of time I am buying them and in what nature and context that time exists – I am aware they are more interested in their age as compared to mine which anybody has ever asked them about and I am aware they are more interested in how much money they have as compared to me which is never relevant. It is the poorer ones we have finishe...

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 So it is said at this point that One is unable to protect himself from a condition where others deploy his property for anything they so please but this is not reality; reality is that my protection of myself is in order, it’s just that I cannot do protection of products by myself without the customers – i.e. when a  product is purchased here, I can provide security equity but I cannot defend the service everywhere when big industries and Media fools and money mad goons want to steal them from the customers, only you the customer can do that but for me doing it for everybody remains a perpetual work in progress in any case by the way.

I understand they say I and there are other still like me who think the US is an extension of my Country and my Country is an extension of the US but it is the biggest load of rubbish in the world; nothing but an old question that needs to be answered around the case of causing yourself to hold government office while you are cash strapped – so that as it stands I have done that deliberately but it has become a global issue over their needs already. They wouldn’t mind going homosexual for the Prime Minister that has never before told them he wants them to do so – it is all a matter of what they can force feed the leaders while they have their hands of things they would not normally have been given so when they take it they are not questioned – then there is my personal favourite where if they have access to power and an office and are able to escape all the responsibility in order to Deploy it to their ends then nobody will ever mess with them, which becomes a need that is more important than the very existence of other people itself; my case has always been that they need to stay off my book sales and my finances and of course keep off the perks of my job and then there can be people who think the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US. I have never really thought it an issue; its the case after case after case of proposition matter; everybody else is rubbish at it, they are the real leaders but cannot get anything done by themselves in any case either and everything must be done by violence on the basis of who can beat up who because they don’t know how to manage even the situations that call for an otherwise eventuality, when it comes to the issue of where to keep their careers with regards to the places in which violent society has situated itself, they are leaders who have not got a foggiest clue how to make that happen and I am rubbish at it while I lead the whole Country out of it on that stupid media where they go to enforce their will all the time and it really comes back down to the fact they have no plans to stop being rude and so you have a conversation with them when you want to and how you want to and when you feel like it, otherwise you don’t their democracy and freedom; its just that on this occasion somebody who thinks the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US is very, very, persuasive and it is not the only thing that is persuasive around here either speaking of which. 


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and a serious business; I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be.

When it is suggested that my work is indicative of fact I am as stupid as bricks I do not know if I should be jubilant or really angry since as far as we know the idiots of our society have continued to maintain their behaviour is the best anybody could possibly get from them in the circumstances especially when help comes from Political office to help extricate profit from it from them too; I have only considered cashing into it as well for what it costs me, which has in turn changed the entire world and I could not care less if it did - it was expensive but entirely worth it.Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

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