There is this story I am in a lot of trouble with celebrities and fame freaks of course but clearly it does show they are not finished with stirring racism that no body tells them to and then setting off to stay alive by keeping me unemployed and cash strapped, now I am in trouble with them as well. I mean at this stage somebody will have a big house in the centre of London but still turn out everyday to think it is funny to play a game of seniority with your book sales in which he sells his own instead with television. Does it happen because they are clever or senior or happen because they have always been incredibly stupid people who think that when they have not met the standard of success that their age mates have, they can do whatever they like with you and claim it is African culture as well. I mean those books need to get sold now and these idiots need to fuck off them; I am not giving back those stupid cultures either and they do need to know that with respect to threatening my very existence, I am not of the opinion that it is in my interest for there to exist any point in history in which they claim the money they make with my work unauthorised belongs to them – it is my property and even if the entire world has lost a sense of that fact at some point, I never will. I mean when I publish things it is still possible to create broken dreams out of the lives of kids who should be doing as their elder brothers and sisters tell them; it will never end as well as they suppose that it will and I have it, the books need to get sold now or I will get them off the books my way. I bet for some of them that are comedians by profession like they all seem to be when they get on National television to play with your earnings as though the benefits themselves were that cheap anyway by the way, knowing other idiots will pick up on that in droves as well, I bet there are teams and teams in the comedian factory and sometimes the boss of the comedian factory decides that Christmas party should be held in the home of the head comedian and so their entire lives are like that anyway; of course it will never end as well as they project that it will and the sending me on errands things only works with those who get into a fight with them and call it a day therefore, I will get rid of their existence as well and I do not suppose they are deaf when I threaten that as well; the books need to get sold now, I have had enough and am not giving back that stupid society and culture or community relations or whatever either. I do not think it is a considerable problem, just senior brothers an sisters that are convinced you have no right to breathe or exist because they are sending you on errands on account of plans they have for themselves and their stupid children and like to complain I say what I say but act in ways which obscure their existence and ensures they are never seen or heard or felt at all but that is clearly a worthy complain when it started with grooming me into the kind of person that leaves behind a lot of things they can use their fame madness to make riches with when he dies so they can choose when I die when they want as such as well, I mean they have not given it up yet and that is why we are talking about my book sales, they are extracting fame from my books in places where people have not heard of them to create broken dreams in the lives of the kids.

It goes on like that endlessly, start racism and get me stuck in it and when I find a way around and carry on that becomes their personal business as well until the price for their lives becomes the fact I need to be unemployed and the parents then turn up and they can never get off that stupid popular culture and popular music with respect to which I intend to hurt them seriously so that bullying and violence can make so much sense when they complain I should do it because they are famous, the parents on the other hand and how I need to be scared will just have to die so they can cry. I had made it very clear before now anyway, either I will disappear or they will since it is their view this entire planet is not big enough for them and for me. We see them all over the place all over the world, do anything and they turn out to be the side that believes in modernisation and is the child of the other side of society that is your twin opposite and in no time feel that people have got to accept they have any right to exist in that ay, so when I speak of their bully violence with the use of those fame and fortune public appearances, the idea I can do anything about it still seems implausible. They seem to be completely convinced I will let them exist that way, they think this is their own lives and or property therefore I should presume and I am not getting used to any of it even if I could, this is not their own lives, its mine.

There is ample claim I make people feel helpless and hopeless as though they have no future whatsoever but clearly they must be the most insolent bastards in the world: they know they are stupid and when they get involved with you it is bad for success and bad for performance and bad for academic work but not only have they also figured out it is the power they have over people who are so clever they have become stupid, they have also worked out those people can be bullied into mental illness and made to deploy all they know and own to serve them and that is never the point at which they speak of civil rights. We are finished with stage one however here, where they have become richer than I am but the vandlaism is still something they do as a result of wealth distribution and as I said, the books need to get sold now and they need to stay far, far away from me

They seem to have this insatiable desire to climb on peoples lives and tell lies until it becomes a sub culture that favours them, then try to keep it and the back drop says the Politicians will come through for them and I am rather prepared to harm those when I feel it needs to be un-fucked. There is no such thing that it is the way things will work and I want them to stay far away from me and my business and stop thinking they are notorious for being tough instead and like to make all that half-half human being noise about how I think I can rule women and therefore get to hurt myself all the time, when it is their half-half thing that is not hurting badly enough, since they feel they can play their stupid games with just about anybody on account that it does not make a difference to them if women are important or not and I do hope they tell their American friends as well I am not a fan of the freedom thing, before things I say means I need to be defied even more. I mean I did say it the easier way; that the books need to be sold now. I will acquire no help from the Monarchy to deal with idiots that like to stir racism and find out I need to be poor and unemployed as it is the only route to them being living breathing human beings but it is still not enough, like they think it is going to operate.

They want me to get help from the government so the point of it all can be completely messed up and they can get away with it. In the first place their agitation is that I have no respect for anybody when in actual fact their excuses for insulting me is more to do with how older than me they are which they claim has decided whether or not they are in charge and since I don’t go to their communities and personal lives to want respect as such they might want to think I mean my threats over the book sales as well because I will make sure they disappear along with those girls and media idiots that consume peoples lives or I will disappear instead for them.I mean I don’t let them blow my work and books over my head and sit under it like some canopy of ideas for fame and fortune to pluck what they like and make news or get rich and famous with everyday, so what they do instead is find my books at the market place and get off to other places in the world to do it, so when I tell them to get off my book sales they think it is about power, answer back, stay on and continue the lucrative local and international media bullying. They talk about power but I cannot remeber how many times I do get around making sure none Christians who think their Godlessness is a right to handle me or my work as they see fit have no right to exist; they do not mention these power things on their own lives or property or anything like that, they are standing on mine and my book sales to say it, so that when they kick it off I will get all the God given strength because I am in the right and so I love to play with their hateful rubbish at the moment. I like it the way I do it for my part because I cannot locate exactly where the link between attacking a christian and having a democracy or fairer society is to be located; all those days of abuse and time wasting was all good times, the property must not and can never be theirs, the lies they tell and sub cultures they make out of it, even if they have a god for a politician. They seem to want to follow me and my books everywhere to do that their violent crooked freedom and I do not remeber when they claim its about power, how many times I get to ensure those who do not attend church cannot exist but it is the usual stuff with that stupid media big mouth and so instead of staying away from my book sales we will have international and local media bullying because they want to talk about it without buying it and pretend it belongs to them for a feeling that helps them with other things they want to and I bet mentioning the violent crooked freedom means bad things get to happen easily as well. Everything they do is terribly expensive therefore; National income, society and otherwise and all of it has something to do with freedom and the fact that they are really stupid, so despite the cost, the way it affects people is that it is such bad company that when you had gotten involved with it, your academic work becomes impossible a thing and same with the jobs, while they get to change things about their lives due to how another person has handled his own youth; hence fun and game with my earnings along with their stupidboys and girls is the counter to the fact that I have determined the only thing they can have is that stupid money they worked for before I was born, just like when I am not deserving of any respect for who I am and what I am in their eyes.